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G.S Edwards, S.J Allen, R.F Haglund, R.J Nemanich, B. Redlich, J.D Simon, W.C YangApplications of free-electron lasers in the biological and material sciences, Photochemistry and Photobiology 481 (2005) 711-735.
P.T Greenland, S.A Lynch, A.FG van der Meer, B.N Murdin, C.R Pidgeon, B. Redlich, N.Q Vinh, G. AeppliCoherent control of Rydberg states in silicon, Nature 7301465 (2010) 1057-U116.
G. Berden, S.P Jamison, A.M MacLeod, W.A Gillespie, B. Redlich, A.FG van der MeerElectro-optic technique with improved time resolution for real-time, nondestructive, single-shot measurements of femtosecond electron bunch profiles, Physical Review Letters 1193 (2004) 
S.P Jamison, G. Berden, A.M MacLeod, D.A Jaroszynski, B. Redlich, A.FG van der Meer, W.A GillespieElectro-optic techniques for temporal profile characterisation of relativistic Coulomb fields and coherent synchrotron radiation, Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section a-Accelerators Spectrometers Detectors and Associated Equipment 1557 (2006) 305-308.
S.G Pavlov, H.W Hubers, P.M Haas, J.N Hovenier, T.O Klaassen, R.K Zhukavin, V.N Shastin, D.A Carder, B. RedlichEvidence of noncascade intracenter electron relaxation in shallow donor centers in silicon, Phys. Rev. B 1678 (2008) 7.
F.K Tchana, J. Orphal, I. Kleiner, H.D Rudolph, H. Willner, P. Garcia, O. Bouba, J. Demaison, B. RedlichExperimental and ab initio structure of BrNO2, Molecular Physics 14-15102 (2004) 1509-1521.
O. Asvany, T. Giesen, B. Redlich, S. SchlemmerExperimental determination of the nu(5) cis-bending vibrational frequency and Renner-Teller structure in ground state (X-2 Pi(u)) C2H2+ using laser induced reactions, Physical Review Letters 794 (2005) 
B. Redlich, L. van der Meer, H. Zacharias, G. Meijer, G. von HeldenFEL induced dynamics of small molecules on surfaces: N2O on NaCI(100), Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section a-Accelerators Spectrometers Detectors and Associated Equipment 1-2507 (2003) 556-560.
J. Oomens, J.D Steill, B. RedlichGas-Phase IR Spectroscopy of Deprotonated Amino Acids, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 12131 (2009) 4310-4319.
I. Swart, A. Fielicke, B. Redlich, G. Meijer, B.M Weckhuysen, F.MF de GrootHydrogen-induced transition from dissociative to molecular chemisorption of CO on vanadium clusters, Journal of the American Chemical Society 9129 (2007) 2516-2520.
B. Redlich, H. Zacharias, G. Meijer, G. von HeldenInfrared laser-induced desorption of N2O condensed on NaCl(100), Surface Science 502 (2002) 325-330.
J.M Bakker, B. Redlich, A.FG van der Meer, J. OomensInfrared spectroscopy of gas-phase polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon cations in the 10-50 mu m spectral range, Astrophys. J. 741 (2011) 9.
S.A Lynch, G. Matmon, S.G Pavlov, K.L Litvinenko, B. Redlich, A.FG van der Meer, N.V Abrosimov, H.W HubersInhomogeneous broadening of phosphorus donor lines in the far-infrared spectra of single-crystalline SiGe, Phys. Rev. B 2482 (2010) 7.
J.M Bakker, V.JF Lapoutre, B. Redlich, J. Oomens, B.G Sartakov, A. Fielicke, G. von Helden, G. Meijer, A.FG van der MeerIntensity-resolved IR multiple photon ionization and fragmentation of C-60, J. Chem. Phys. 7132 (2010) 9.
G. Doucas, V. Blackmore, B. Ottewell, C. Perry, P.G Huggard, E. Castro-Camus, M.B Johnston, J.L Hughes, M.F Kimmitt, B. Redlich et al.Longitudinal electron bunch profile diagnostics at 45MeV using coherent Smith-Purcell radiation, Physical Review Special Topics-Accelerators and Beams 99 (2006) 
F.K Tchana, J. Orphal, I. Kleiner, B. Redlich, D. Scheffler, R. Mbiake, O. BoubaThe nu(2) bands of BrNO2 around 787 cm(-1) (12.7 mu m), Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy 2216 (2002) 292-296.
Y. Huismans, A. Rouzee, A. Gijsbertsen, P Logman, F. Lepine, C. Cauchy, S. Zamith, A.S Stodolna, J.H Jungmann, J.M Bakker et al.Photoelectron angular distributions from the ionization of xenon Rydberg states by midinfrared radiation, Phys. Rev. A 87 (2013) 033413.
R.H Austin, A.H Xie, L. van der Meer, B. Redlich, P.A Lindgard, H. Frauenfelder, D. FuPicosecond thermometer in the amide I band of myoglobin, Physical Review Letters 1294 (2005) 
A. Xie, L. Keleman, B. Redlich, L. van der Meer, R. AustinPicosecond visible/IR pump-probe dynamics of photoactive yellow protein, Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section A-Accelerators Spectrometers Detectors and Associated Equipment 528 (2004) 605-608.
S.D Ivanov, O. Asvany, A. Witt, E. Hugo, G. Mathias, B. Redlich, D. Marx, S. SchlemmerQuantum-induced symmetry breaking explains infrared spectra of CH5+ isotopologues, Nat. Chem. 42 (2010) 298-302.