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M. Forcales, T. Gregorkiewicz, I.V Bradley, J.PR WellsAfterglow effect in photoluminescence of Si : Er, Physical Review B 1965 (2002) 
J.PR Wells, C.W Rella, I.V Bradley, I. Galbraith, C.R PidgeonCoherent dynamics of the localized vibrational modes of hydrogen in CaF2, Physical Review Letters 2184 (2000) 4998-5001.
G.J Nott, P.C Findlay, J.G Crowder, C.R Pidgeon, C.T Elliott, T. Ashley, A.D Johnson, J.PR Wells, I.V Bradley, B.N Murdin et al.Direct determination of Shockley-Read-Hall trap density in InSb/InAlSb detectors, Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 5012 (2000) L731-L734.
D.G Clarke, C.R Pidgeon, J.PR Wells, I.V Bradley, R. Murray, B.N MurdinDouble resonance study of hole burning in self-assembled quantum dots, Physica B 1-4314 (2002) 474-476.
B.N Murdin, A.R Hollingworth, J.A Barker, D.G Clarke, P.C Findlay, C.R Pidgeon, J.PR Wells, I.V Bradley, S. Malik, R. MurrayDouble-resonance spectroscopy of InAs/GaAs self-assembled quantum dots, Physical Review B 1262 (2000) R7755-R7758.
W.M Zheng, M.P Halsall, P. Harrison, J.PR Wells, I.V Bradley, M.J SteerEffect of quantum-well confinement on acceptor state lifetime in delta-doped GaAs/AlAs multiple quantum wells, Applied Physics Letters 1883 (2003) 3719-3721.
R.A Lewis, W. Xu, P.M Koenraad, I.V BradleyEffect of strong terahertz radiation on magnetoconductivity in two dimensions, Int. J. Mod. Phys. B 20-2216 (2002) 2964-2967.
R.A Child, R.J Nicholas, N.J Mason, P. Shields, J.PR Wells, I.V Bradley, J. Phillips, B.N MurdinFar infrared modulated photoluminescence in InSb quantum dots, Physica E 1-322 (2004) 598-602.
R.A Child, R.J Nicholas, N.J Mason, P.A Shields, J.PR Wells, I.V Bradley, J. Phillips, B.N MurdinFar-infrared modulated photoluminescence spectroscopy of InSb/GaSb quantum dot structures, Physical Review B 1668 (2003) 
M. Forcales, M. Klik, N.Q Vinh, I.V Bradley, J.PR Wells, T. GregorkiewiczFree-electron laser studies of energy transfer mechanisms in semiconductors doped with transition series ions, Journal of Luminescence 94 (2001) 243-248.
J.PR Wells, I.V Bradley, G.D Jones, C.R PidgeonFree-electron-laser studies of the relaxation of H- and D- local modes in CaF2, SrF2, and BaF2, Physical Review B 1464 (2001) 
G.D Jones, J.JY Sung, T. Hume, L.S Ing, I.V Bradley, J.PR WellsInfrared absorption of H- and D- in the alkaline-earth fluorides, Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 1013 (2001) 2127-2135.
H.A Tan, Z.J Xin, H.N Rutt, J.PR Wells, I.V BradleyIntersubband lifetimes and free carrier effects in optically pumped far infrared quantum wells laser structures, Semiconductor Science and Technology 717 (2002) 645-650.
M. Forcales, T. Gregorkiewicz, M.S Bresler, O.B Gusev, I.V Bradley, J.PR WellsMicroscopic model for nonexcitonic mechanism of 1.5-mu m photoluminescence of the Er3+ ion in crystalline Si, Physical Review B 867 (2003) 
M. Forcales, I.V Bradley, J.PR Wells, T. GregorkiewiczMid-infrared induced quenching of photoluminescence in Si : Er, Materials Science and Engineering B-Solid State Materials for Advanced Technology 1-381 (2001) 80-82.
I.V Bradley, P. Murzyn, B.N Murdin, J.PR Wells, D.G Clarke, R.A Stradling, C.R PidgeonMulti phonon emission in InAs quantum wells studied with a free electron laser and high pulsed magnetic fields, Journal of Luminescence 94 (2001) 707-711.
B.N Murdin, A.R Hollingworth, J. Barker, P.C Findlay, C.R Pidgeon, J.P Wells, I.V Bradley, G. Knippels, R. MurrayOptically detected intersublevel resonance in InAs/GaAs self-assembled quantum dots, Physica B 1-4272 (1999) 5-7.
M.AJ Klik, T. Gregorkiewicz, I.V Bradley, J.PR WellsOptically induced deexcitation of rare-earth ions in a semiconductor matrix, Physical Review Letters 2289 (2002) 
R.A Lewis, I.V Bradley, M. HeniniPhotoconductivity of Be-doped GaAs under intense terahertz radiation, Solid State Communications 3-4122 (2002) 223-228.
P. Murzyn, C.R Pidgeon, J.PR Wells, I.V Bradley, Z. Ikonic, R.W Kelsall, P. Harrison, S.A Lynch, D.J Paul, D.D Arnone et al.Picosecond intersubband dynamics in p-Si/SiGe quantum-well emitter structures, Applied Physics Letters 880 (2002) 1456-1458.