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K.H Hendriks, J.J van Franeker, B.J Bruijnaers, J.A Anta, M.M Wienk, R.AJ Janssen2-Methoxyethanol as a new solvent for the processing of methyl ammonium lead halide perovskite solar cells, J. Mater. Chem. A 5 (2017) 2346-2354.
D Di Carlo Rasi, K.H Hendriks, M.M Wienk, R.AJ JanssenAccurate Characterization of Triple-Junction Polymer Solar Cells, Adv. Energy Mater. 7 (2017) 1701664.
C. Duan, Z. Peng, F.JM Colberts, S. Pang, L. Ye, O.M Awartani, K.H Hendriks, H. Ade, M.M Wienk, R.AJ JanssenEfficient Thick-Film Polymer Solar Cells with Enhanced Fill Factors via Increased Fullerene Loading, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 11 (2019) 10794-10800.
G.HL Heintges, K.H Hendriks, F.JM Colberts, M. Li, J. Li, R.AJ JanssenThe influence of siloxane side-chains on the photovoltaic performance of a conjugated polymer, RSC Adv. 9 (2019) 8740-8747.
J.J van Franeker, K.H Hendriks, B.J Bruijnaers, M.WGM Verhoeven, M.M Wienk, R.AJ JanssenMonitoring thermal annealing of perovskite solar cells with in-situ photoluminescence, Adv. Energy Mater. 7 (2017) 1601822.
DCarlo D. Rasi, K.H Hendriks, M.M Wienk, R.AJ JanssenQuadruple Junction Polymer Solar Cells with Four Complementary Absorber Layers, Adv. Mater. 30 (2018) 1803836.
DCarlo D. Rasi, P.MJG van Thiel, H. Bin, K.H Hendriks, G.HL Heintges, M.M Wienk, T. Becker, Y.F Li, R. Riedl, R.AJ JanssenSolution-processed tin oxide-PEDOT-PSS interconnecting layers for efficient inverted and conventional tandem polymer solar cells, Sol. RRL 3 (2019) 1800366.
D Di Carlo Rasi, K.H Hendriks, G.HL Heintges, G. Simone, G.H Gelinck, V.S Gevaerts, R. Andriessen, G. Pirotte, W. Maes, W. Li et al.A Universal Route to Fabricate n-i-p Multi-Junction Polymer Solar Cells via Solution Processing, Solar RRL 2 (2018) 1800018.