Fusion Facilities and Instrumentation

On the road to fusion there is a huge need of good experimental data. In particular, to design ITER and DEMO it must be known in advance what conditions every single part of the machine has to withstand. As Fusion Facilities and Instrumentation group (FFI) we facilitate experimental studies of fusion reactor relevant plasma-wall interaction physics and chemistry. More specifically, we develop and maintain the devices and diagnostics in DIFFER's fusion materials labs and provide support during experiments. Although our focus lies on the fusion related research of our groups PEPD and PMI, we gladly employ our devices and diagnostics for other energy related research like that of our own solar fuels department.

Our facilities:

  • Magnum-PSI
    • A plasma-wall interaction experiment with the unique capabilty of reaching the extreme plasma conditions expected in ITER, or fusion reactors beyond ITER
    • Magnum-PSI is open to external users in collaboration with our in-house research groups. Learn more about the procedure to request experimental time here.
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DIFFER is a member of the EUROfusion consortium, which comprises 30 fusion research organisations and universities from 26 European member states plus Switzerland and Ukraine.