Fusion Physics

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The Fusion Physics Department carries out research in fusion energy as part of the FOM, EURATOM and ITER fusion programme. The focus is on the physics of burning plasma, its diagnostics and heating by powerful mm-wave beams.

The Plasma Surface Interaction (PSI) department carries out fundamental research on plasma facing materials for the ITER fusion experiment. The linear plasma devices Pilot-PSI and Magnum-PSI are employed to generate relevant plasma conditions.

The FOM Institute DIFFER performs leading fundamental research in the fields of Fusion energy and Solar Fuels. DIFFER works in close partnership with academia and industry and aims for a national coordinating role in fundamental energy research.

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The research theme Solar Fuels focuses on technologies to store intermittent sustainable energy in chemical form. Presently two approaches are persued: a plasma approach to dissociate CO2 as the first step in converting it into hydrocarbon fuel and the application of highly porous metal 'nano fuzz', created under extreme processing conditions, which can be used in a photo-electrochemical cell to split water in hydrogen and oxygen.

The nanolayer Surface and Interface Physics department (nSI) addresses topics in surface science, and in thin film and multilayer physics, including the numerous interdependencies between these areas.


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