The infrared user facility FELIX



Starting March 2012 the FELIX facility will move to the Radboud University Nijmegen to merge with the free-electron laser FLARE currently being commissioned.


The user facility comprises three different beamlines. Two beamlines, FEL1 and FEL2, provide continuously tunable radiation in the spectral range of 2500-40 cm-1 (4-250 mm, 1.2-75 THz) peak powers ranging up to 100 MW in (sub)picosecond pulses, and is being used for scientific research in (bio-)medicine, (bio-)chemistry and (bio-)physics. The third beamline, FELICE, is devoted to intra-cavity experiments on gas phase (bio-)molecules/ions, clusters and complexes. It provides continuously tunable radiation in the spectral range of 2000-250 cm-1 (5-40 mm) and the infrared intensity available to the experiment is a factor of up to a hundred increased compared to FELIX.


The next call for proposal will be launched as soon as regular, reliable user operation is possible again.


  •   First users experiments are expected to be possible in the fall of 2013 although restrictions in the wavelength range, the experimental setups available etc. may apply.


If you are interested to apply for beamtime at the FELIX facility, please contact the facility management


See also our Annual Report (pdf file)


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