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Our Listings & Ouput document provides an overview of DIFFER’s output. It includes listings of media appearances, PhD theses, MSc and BSc theses. It lists our publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, other journals, and conference proceedings. And it mentions those who have guest lectured at conferences, meetings, and seminars or presented posters, or given other presentations. It also sums up awards and positions (including editorships) and it has an open software and databases category. Our Annual Reports (2020 and earlier) present the year's highlights about our people, research, facilities and events.

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DIFFER Listings & Output 2022


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DIFFER Listings & Output 2021 


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Former FOM institute for Plasma Physics Rijnhuizen

From 2012 onwards, DIFFER has focused on fundamental energy research in the fields of fusion energy and solar fuels. When the institute took up its new name and new mission, it built on the existing FOM Institute for Plasma Physics Rijnhuizen, established in 1959. Below is its 50 year anniversary book "Hittebarrière" ("Heatbarriere", only available in Dutch).