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We believe in our duty to share knowledge through weekly seminars, regularly workshops and other events. Our weekly seminars at DIFFER (filter the list below for seminars only) cover a wide range of topics and are open to everybody. Please, read more about our seminars and specific information for external visitors at Upcoming seminars.

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List all past seminars organized at DIFFER

René van Roij
May 31st 2018
The salinity difference between river- and sea-water gives rise to a free energy difference of 2kJ per liter river water, which corresponds to a waterfall of 200 meter. This “blue energy” can be harvested fully sustainably in principle, and nowadays also largely in practise with the use of ion-selective membranes or supercapacitors. Most experiments so far involve cold river- and sea water, but our calculations show that warm river water (heated by waste heat) of 50 degrees can double the amount of harvestable blue energy.
Erik Neyts
June 7th 2018
Atomic scale simulations provide a computational means to study and understand fundamental processes in plasma - surface interactions. These interactions are quite complex, and unraveling them is a highly non-trivial task. Employing state-of-the-art simulation techniques, we gain insight in how these interactions are coupled, and how we may modify them in order to steer the process. In this seminar, I will first introduce the various atomic scale methods at our disposal. In particular, I will highlight traditional molecular dynamics (MD), accelerated dynamics methods and (force bias) Monte... Read more
Bert Meijer
June 14th 2018
abstract will follow soon
Behnam Taebi
June 21st 2018
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Kitty Nijmeijer
June 28th 2018
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