Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

We believe in our duty to share knowledge through weekly seminars, regularly workshops and other events. on this page you'll find upcoming events. Events organised in the past are archived here. Our weekly seminars at DIFFER cover a wide range of topics and are open to everybody. Please, read more on our dedicated Seminars page. You can find specific information for external visitors and subscribe to our seminar mailinglist on this page.

PhD defense, to
PhD defense Daniel Garcia Rodriguez
DIFFER researcher Daniel Garcia Rodriquez will defend his PhD thesis titled: 'Fabrication and Reactivity of Iron Carbide Films on Copper Substrates as Model Catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis'.
Seminar, to
Dr. Kourosh Malek
A critical step in transitioning to a green future is the accelerated discovery and mobilization of high-performance materials for clean technologies. Clean energy transition by 2030 requires at least 10X acceleration for production-ready energy materials.
Workshop, to
Süleyman Er Credit: DIFFER
The exponential growth of computational power combined with the emergence of innovative machine learning (ML) algorithms offers a revolutionary paradigm in the realm of molecular discovery and scientific understanding.
Symposium, to
FYSICA 2024 will take place in Eindhoven, at TU/e. FYSICA is the annual physics conference of the Netherlands' Physical Society (NNV). This year's theme is Physics at the human scale. Nobel Prize Winner Anne L’Huillier (attosecond pulses), biophysicist Marileen Dogterom (TUDelft) and quantum physicist Florian Schreck (UvA) are the plenary speakers.