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List all past seminars organized at DIFFER

Guido Mul
January 11th 2018
Illumination of a slurry of (micrometer sized) semiconductor particles in an aqueous phase solution of a metal salt, often results in deposition of well-defined metal(oxide) nanoparticles on the surface of the semiconductor particles: this phenomenon is generally known as photodeposition. In this lecture I will discuss the effect of process conditions, focusing on the role of a so-called sacrificial donor, on the oxidation state and morphology of Pt nanoparticles which are obtained when using photodeposition. Also the effect of doping of semiconductors on the obtained oxidation state of Pt... Read more
Emiel Hensen
January 18th 2018
abstract will soon follow
Siep Weiland
January 25th 2018
abstract will follow
Martin van Sint Annaland
February 1st 2018
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John Grin
February 8th 2018
The transition from the fossil energy system to a renewable system is more than just a normal 'innovation'. It is not only about the introduction of a new technique, and the change of the societal and economic practices in which it is applied. The change is here so radical that also the structure in which these practices are embedded has to change: economic chains, law, knowledge infrastructure etc..