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List all past seminars organized at DIFFER

March 22nd 2018
TU/e Energy Day on Renewable Fuels and Chemicals In the future energy system, renewable fuels and chemicals are envisaged to fulfill the need for seasonal storage of energy, to provide clean dense energy carriers for transport and mobility, and to supply (chemical) industries with sustainable feedstocks. With Power-to-X technologies, CO2, H2O, and/or N2 ‘waste’ can be upgraded to ‘circular’ fuels and chemicals (X) in processes powered by renewable electricity (P).
Robert Goldston
March 23rd 2018
There have been major developments recently in the understanding of the very edge of tokamak plasmas. New experimental analyses, coupled with new heuristic theoretical understanding, has led to a simple and accurate model for the width of the narrow region of plasma that is scraped off the plasma edge and ultimately strikes material surfaces, the Scrape Off Layer or SOL. Furthermore, the model predicts instability at the edge, due to the strong pressure gradient in the SOL, at just the point in edge density where good plasma confinement is experimentally found to be lost.
Gerard van Rooij
March 28th 2018
Gerard van Rooij (group leader Nonequilibrium Fuel Conversion) will give an outreach talk on energy storage and conversion during TU/e's Sustainable Energy SETalks on 28 March 2018.
Laetitia Ouillet
March 29th 2018
Please note: Due to unavailability of the speaker this seminar will be rescheduled to a later date.
Marnix Wagemaker
April 5th 2018
abstract will follow soon