May 22nd 2017
PFMC-17 will be organized at DIFFER
From 20 to 24 May 2019, DIFFER will host PFMC-17, the 17th International Conference on Plasma-Facing Materials and Components for Fusion Applications. PFMC brings together around 250 international students and experts on materials capable of handling the extreme conditions in future fusion devices and power plants.
May 19th 2017
On June 21st, 2017 the joint TU/e-DIFFER Center for Computational Energy Research (CCER) will be officially opened. The CCER aims to explore pathways to future energy systems via computational methods. The ambition is to complement experimental research in unlocking scalable energy solutions for mid-century and beyond.
April 20th 2017
Multi-scale modeling grant to better understand artificial leaves
In a newly granted European research project together with scientists from the Netherlands, Poland and Spain, DIFFER will develop advanced multi-scale modelling of the processes in photo-electrochemical systems. The goal of this M-ERA.NET  project: understanding the mechanisms that limit the conversion of sunlight into fuels and to optimize artificial leaves towards highest performance. Project leader Anja Bieberle (DIFFER) and Sofia Calero (Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Spain) explain the need to join forces across length and time scales.
April 7th 2017
workshop Renewable Energy Driven Chemistry
On Wednesday 5 April 2017, DIFFER organised the workshop Renewable Energy Driven Chemistry. The workshop brought together the Dutch community working on the synthesis of clean fuels and chemical products from sustainable energy, and CO2, H2O and N2, and attracted 120 researchers from universities, institutes and companies from all over the Netherlands.
March 30th 2017
NEVAC-prijs 2017 voor Stein van Eden
Promovendus Stein van Eden uit het DIFFER-fusieprogramma krijgt de prijs voor het beste NEVAC-artikel 2017 uitgereikt. In het blad van de Nederlandse Vacuümvereniging beschrijft Van Eden een bolometer om de energie te bepalen die een fusieplasma in de vorm van licht uitstraalt. Tijdens de NEVAC-dag op 12 mei bij DIFFER in Eindhoven wordt de prijs persoonlijk aan Stein overhandigd.