Joint European Torus (JET) with a photo of the plasma overlaid
The latest tritium experiments at fusion research facility Joint European Torus (JET) have produced a new energy record. JET, one of the largest and most powerful fusion machines in the world, has demonstrated that it can reliably generate fusion energy while setting a world record in energy output. A major milestone in the field of fusion science and engineering.
Joost Ketelaars en Pol Driesen
At DIFFER, we work on our future energy every day. We offer internal and external scientists a unique machine park with facilities for scientific research. Attention to safe working is a must. At DIFFER, Joost Ketelaars works as health & safety and environmental advisor. Student Pol Driesen worked with him for six months. We asked him about his experiences.
Technische ruimte bij DIFFER
's Ochtends overleg je over een nieuw experiment. 's Middags haal je een defect zonnescherm uit elkaar. En tussendoor repareer je een wandcontactdoos in de kamer van de directeur. Ben jij een mbo'er met werktuigbouwervaring? Zorg jij dat het gebouw tip top in orde is voor onderzoekers die het energieprobleem helpen oplossen?
Ambrogio Fasoli is the new Programme Manager of Eurofusion
EUROfusion has published an interview with Ambrogio Fasoli as its new Programme Manager (CEO). It shows his motivation for taking on this role and how he plans to tackle Europe's fusion challenges.A sneak peek and some quotes:
Tony Donné
Tony Donné has devoted his entire working life to fusion research. First in scientific roles in the Netherlands, and for the past nine years as head of the European research consortium EUROfusion. In December, Tony will take his leave and retire. We look back on his impressive career.