April 30th 2019
DIFFER annual report 2018
DIFFER is proud to present its Annual Report 2018. Download it and read the highlights about our people, research, facilities and events!
April 29th 2019
Wetenschappelijke inbreng bij Klimaattafel Industrie
Op 11 april 2019 organiseerde de vaste Tweede Kamer-commissie voor Economische Zaken en Klimaat een gesprek over de Klimaattafel Industrie. Wetenschappers waaronder DIFFER-directeur Richard van de Sanden gaven daarin hun visie op de aanpak van de energietransitie. "Er is nog veel onderzoek en ontwikkeling nodig."
April 4th 2019
EU Attract grant for camera that sees chemical composition
A consortium of DIFFER, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and DIFFER spin-off Chromodynamics has received a €100,000 grant to develop RAMANTIS, a camera system that can see the chemical composition of materials and biological tissues. RAMANTIS will be able to observe and analyze up to 10 different wavelengths of light at the same time. This will make it possible to perform real-time 2D Raman Imaging, a process that previously took seconds to days.
April 4th 2019
How nanoparticles focus light from nearby molecules
In ACS Nano, PhD student Ruben Hamans and his colleagues at DIFFER and TU/e show how an array of metallic nanoparticles enhances light emission from nearby fluorescent molecules.
March 27th 2019
Metal doping enhances CO2 capturing material
Materials to capture CO2 from flue gas can be made to operate at up to 50 degrees lower temperatures by adding small amounts of transition metals such as zinc or nickel, report DIFFER researchers Mike Gleeson, Tesfaye Belete and Richard van de Sanden in the Journal of CO2 Utilization.