February 26th 2019
Physicist Isabel Krebs joins DIFFER to study and optimize computational models for hybrid operation scenarios in tokamak fusion reactors. These offer a possibility for longer, more stable discharges in future fusion power plants. Isabel Krebs' Postdoc postion at DIFFER is funded by one of the prestigious Researcher Grants of EUROfusion, the European consortium for fusion energy research.
February 26th 2019
Het Nederlandse instituut voor funderend energieonderzoek DIFFER is tevreden over de uitkomst van de Portfolio Evaluatie  van het landschap van Nederlandse onderzoeksinstituten. De commissie geeft aan dat DIFFER een evidente meerwaarde heeft voor het Nederlandse kennislandschap, en roemt de nationaal coördinerende rol van DIFFER in het onderzoek naar kernfusie.
February 26th 2019
Wouter Vijvers, Director of Chromodynamics; Kees Buijsrogge, Director of TNO; ITER Director-General Bernard Bigot; and Ricardo Patricio, Director of Active Space Technologies sign an agreement on the development of a diagnostic tool for ITER
Dutch research institutes TNO and DIFFER will be joining with Active Space Technologies (Europe) and DIFFER spin-off company Chromodynamics to develop a diagnostic tool capable of measuring the impurity content of the plasma—important information for regulating neutral beam heating power on the nuclear fusion project ITER.
February 19th 2019
ECCM conference announced: 21-6-2019
Friday 21 June the second Netherlands conference on Electrochemical Conversion & Materials (ECCM) will be organized by the ECCM advisory committee, appointed by the Dutch government. The ECCM committee is proud to announce the keynote speakers and invites experts from academia, industry, applied research organisations, government and NGO’s to submit abstracts to contribute to the three thematic parallel sessions of the conference.
February 12th 2019
photo-electrochemical cel in the DIFFER artificial leaf laboratory
It sounds like magic: you put a dedicated device in contact with air, expose it to sunlight and it starts producing fuel, for free.  That is the basic idea behind the fundamental research conducted by DIFFER, the Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research, in association with Toyota Motor Europe (TME). The partnership aims to develop a device that absorbs water vapor, and splits it into hydrogen and oxygen directly using the sun’s energy. The LIFT (Launchpad for Innovative Future Technology) research proposal has now been rewarded a grant from the NWO ENW PPS Fund.