April 28th 2020
Wall material for fusion reactor survives hellish conditions
An important part of the future fusion reactor ITER can withstand at least a year of full power operations, write researchers at DIFFER and ITER in Physica Scripta. The team exposed pieces of ITER's tungsten reactor wall to almost 20 hours of intense plasma bombardment in Magnum-PSI, the world's only laboratory facility capable of reaching plasma conditions expected at the ITER wall.
April 28th 2020
Wandmateriaal fusiereactor overleeft helse condities
Een belangrijk onderdeel van de toekomstige fusiereactor ITER is bestand tegen minstens een jaar in vol bedrijf. Dat stelden onderzoekers van DIFFER en ITER vast door stukken van de reactorwand bijna twintig uur bloot te stellen aan een intens plasmabombardement in Magnum-PSI, de enige faciliteit ter wereld die daartoe in staat is. Het team publiceerde hun resultaten in het vakblad Physica Scripta.
April 16th 2020
Neural network accelerates plasma simulations
By combining a deep understanding of plasma physics with machine learning techniques, DIFFER researchers developed a new ultrafast neural network model of the turbulent plasma in a fusion reactor. The neural network can accurately predict heat and particle transport in the fusion reactor up to 100.000 times faster than before: a vital tool to optimize the performance of future fusion power plants.
March 13th 2020
Urban design software improves hydrogen cells
A fresh look at photoelectrochemical cells may boost these devices' ability to convert sunlight into the clean energy carrier hydrogen. Researchers from DIFFER, Delft University of Technology and Twente University used carefully structured and measured photoelectrochemical cells in combination with software developed for urban design to explain why such cells only reach a fraction of their theoretical performance. It turns out that extending pillars on the cell surface can shadow each other, like skyscrapers in a busy city centre. The team published their research and a new design which may improve performance in the journal Advanced Functional Materials.