Events and

Sharing knowledge

In addition to our fundamental research, we want to share our knowledge through courses, seminars, workshops and other public talks. In addition, we offer PhD positions and internships for young researchers to develop their skills at our institute.

PhD positions and internships

As a young researcher at DIFFER, you are given the opportunity to start your career by doing PhD research that is relevant for society. Our senior researchers supervise you through on-the-job training, and you receive courses on presentation techniques, scientific writing and the valorisation of research. We also offer long and short internships for MBO, BSc and MSc students. Learn about working at DIFFER and check out our vacancies page.

Workshop: CO2 neutral fuels

Courses and presentations

Our researchers are eager to share their knowledge about fusion energy and solar fuels during lectures, conferences and other meetings. Interested? Contact our Fusion Energy and Solar Fuels scientists!

Seminars, workshops and events

DIFFER organises free, open scientific seminars every Thursday. We organise workshops and other events where science and industry can meet and inspire each other to joint approaches to worldwide energy challenges.

Lab tour: Young Brainport Summer School

Visiting DIFFER

We welcome groups from universities, polytechs, policy makers, companies and other interested parties to see our research facilities and talk with our scientists. Interested? Call or email us!

Open house day

During the annual national Weekend of Science, our building and laboratories are open to the public. Read more (in Dutch).