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Information for Expats

Information for Expats

Resident permit

In case a resident permit is needed during your stay in The Netherlands, our colleagues from HRM department will arrange this for you. You will automatically receive an e-mail from IND when your permit is approved and ready to collect. You need to collect your residence permit at Expat Center in Eindhoven.

Please check the following document published by IND if you want more information regarding residence permit: Residence permit for work as a highly skilled migrant

It's important that you inform HRM as soon as possible regarding your arrival date in The Netherlands and when you received the message from IND that your permit is ready to collect. HRM will schedule the appointment with Expat Center Eindhoven for you.

Please check the following document from IND where you can find more information regarding ''Working in The Netherlands'': Coming to work in the Netherlands

We kindly ask you to stick with the given starting date. Please be aware that extra costs are involved in case we need to change your starting date on the resident permit.

Holland Expat Center

You can find a lot of useful and practical information on the website of Holland Expat Center. Please visit this website to gather more information regarding working in The Netherlands. You can also check the Expat's Guide to Brabant for some useful information and tips regarding Brabant.

Holland Expat center launched also the Relocation to the Netherlands App. This app helps you with all practicalities that you need to take care of on your journey to the Netherlands. It is packed with information about residence permit, registration, healthcare and housing.

In case your partner will travel also with you, we advise your partner to visit Together Abroad and Expat Spouses Initiative. In case you need information regarding preparing your child(ren) for Dutch Education, please visit the Education Brochure from Holland Expat Center.

Bank account

In case you don't have the BSN number yet, you are able to open already a bank account at ABN AMRO and Rabobank without BSN number. Please visit their website for more information.


Please be informed that health insurance is mandatory in The Netherlands. For more information on the options regarding health insurance, please check Zorgwijzer.

In case you want to choose for OHRA, please inform HRM. They can provide you more information. 

Public transport

If you want to make use of the public transport in The Netherlands, you can buy a ticket, use your bank card or an OV chipcard. Please check Tickets ( for more information regarding OV (public transport).

HRM will inform you further on travel expenses during your introduction program.


Due to the tightness in the housing market at this time, it is very difficult to find a home in Eindhoven. Please check the following document for more information.