November 14th 2017
Jonathan Citrin to chair ITPA Transport & Confinement group
The International Tokamak Physics Activity (ITPA) Central Committee has appointed DIFFER group leader Dr. Jonathan Citrin as chair of its topical group on Transport and Confinement starting 1 January 2018. The ITPA is an international framework organised by ITER for coordinating fusion research activities of the highest priority for preparing the broad physics basis needed for ITER design and operation. Members of the ITPA groups are chosen by each ITER party as representative top experts of their sub-fields. In the coming 2 years, Citrin will facilitate the group collaboration for updating the Physics Basis for ITER, a once-a-decade review of the status of the field.
November 13th 2017
DIFFER Strategic Plan 2017-2022
Public support to accelerate the energy transition is at an all-time high, but there is growing awareness that existing technology alone will not be enough to create a fully sustainable energy system. DIFFER's new strategic plan for the period 2017-2022 aims to address fundamental challenges to realizing a flexible, sustainable energy infrastructure.
November 8th 2017
CCER agreement with TU/e signed
In the CCER (Centre for Computational Energy Research), DIFFER and Eindhoven University of Technology join forces to accelerate energy innovation by integrating high performance computing with energy research. On Tuesday 7 November managing director Drs. Jolie van Wevelingen at the TU/e faculties of Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering (center) and DIFFER's institute manager Dr. Wim Koppers signed the formal collaboration agreement to set up the CCER.
October 11th 2017
NaSTOR project wins Jan Terlouw ambition prize 2017
The NaSTOR project to develop sodium-based batteries, a collaboration between DIFFER, Exergy Storage and Exergy Mechanical Engineering, has been awarded the Jan Terlouw Ambitieprijs 2017. NaSTOR's two industrial partners received the Ambitieprijs during the Green Week of Stichting Kiemt. The Ambitieprijs is the runner-up award to the full Innovatieprijs. The Jan Terlouw prizes are named after Dutch physicist, politician and writer Dr. Jan Terlouw, and aim to stimulate innovative projects in the energy transition and circular economy located in the east of the Netherlands.
October 10th 2017
Thomas Morgan to lead work package on Liquid Metal Divertors
The EUROfusion research consortium has appointed DIFFER group leader Dr. Thomas Morgan as the leader of its new work package on self-repairing liquid metal walls for the exhaust of future fusion reactors. In the first two years of this European research package, Morgan wants to build on the field's current foundation in physics with a more engineering-oriented approach.