April 20th 2018
DIFFER ontvangt Happy Building Award 2017
A sustainable building where people work happily and meet each other: employees of and visitors to NWO institute DIFFER in Eindhoven are highly complimentary about the institute's new building. And they have made that known. On DIFFER has held the number 1 position for several years in this public ranking of pleasant buildings. Therefore on 18 April 2018, DIFFER with a score of 9.5 was rewarded with the first "Happy Building Award" during the Building Holland event in the Rai exhibition centre in Amsterdam.
April 20th 2018
Vibrant atmosphere during SCOM workshop
From April 16th till April 18th, a packed Senaatszaal at Eindhoven University of Technology listened to 38 lectures by international researchers about the latest developments in the study of the strong coupling involving organic molecules and optical cavities. The workshop was opened by photonics researcher Jaime Gómez Rivas (TU/e and DIFFER), who proudly stated that this second edition of the workshop attracted about 125 people from Europe, Japan and the US, indicating the increasing interest in this emerging field.
April 18th 2018
First plasma in the Upgraded Pilot-PSI facility
On Wednesday April 11th, the team of Fusion Facilities & Instrumentation at DIFFER achieved an important milestone by igniting the first plasma in the experimental facility Upgraded Pilot-PSI (UPP). With this new facility, research will be performed on what occurs in the top several hundreds of nanometers of materials during exposure to the plasma conditions inside a fusion reactor. When ready, UPP will consist not only of a plasma chamber, but also of a new connection to the Ion Beam Facility (IBF) that is already active at DIFFER for material research. The IBF offers the necessary diagnostics to analyse processes inside the samples during exposure to the plasma.
March 27th 2018
ITER reactor wall material exposed in Magnum-PSI
On Wednesday 21 March, the research facility Magnum-PSI at DIFFER (Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research) set a new world record for longest exposure of a material to the harsh plasma conditions in future fusion reactors. Magnum-PSI exposed tungsten wall components to the equivalent of a full year of high power fusion operations in the future ITER reactor, 50 times more than the previous record. The exposure took only 18 hours to complete and shows Magnum-PSI's unique capability to investigate how materials hold up under a sizeable part of their lifetime in ITER.
March 27th 2018
Mock-up van ITER reactorwand in Magnum-PSI
Op woensdag 21 maart heeft de onderzoeksfaciliteit Magnum-PSI bij DIFFER (Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research) een nieuw wereldrecord gezet voor de langste test van materialen onder de zware omstandigheden in toekomstige kernfusiereactoren. In een experiment van 18 uur in totaal stelde Magnum-PSI wolfraam testonderdelen bloot aan het equivalent van een jaar aan hoog-vermogen experimenten in de internationale fusiereactor ITER. Dat is 50 keer meer dan het voorgaande record. Het resultaat onderstreept dat Magnum-PSI's als enige laboratoriumfaciliteit ter wereld kan onderzoeken hoe reactormaterialen zullen veranderen tijdens hun jarenlange verblijf in de ITER-reactor.