France 2030
DIFFER partner Thorizon has been included in the French government’s nuclear innovation program called France 2030. In addition to the grant, the program provides access to expertise in nuclear research, European legislation, and business development.
Tijs Wijkamp
There are technological obstacles on the road to a working fusion reactor. Some of these are related to the question: ‘How do we ensure that the walls of the reactor remain intact under the extreme conditions that accompany a hot fusion plasma?’ PhD student Tijs Wijkamp’s answer is: simply by looking!
Contract signing TSST-Demcon and DIFFER
We celebrate the start of the construction phase of our new infrastructure project PLD4Energy, the Pulsed Laser Deposition Lab for Energy Research. Demcon TSST won the European tender for the largest part of this facility. It’s considered as a first big step towards the realisation of this new facility.
Saeedeh Shahnahpur
On February 11 it’s the ‘International day of women and girls in science’. Time for an interview with Saeedeh Shahnahpur, one of the women working at DIFFER. Since summer 2023, Saeedeh has been working as a project coordinator at DIFFER. What does it mean to her, working in science?In 2023, you made the switch to DIFFER. How come?
Matthijs van Berkel
A new energy record has been announced by EUROfusion and research institutes involved. What does this record mean? What’s the role of DIFFER? And what do ice cold pellets have to do with fusion reactors and these experiments? DIFFER researcher Matthijs van Berkel explains.