Advances in Tokamak Integrated Modelling 2023


Monday 20 March - Friday 24 March, 2023
DIFFER, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

From Monday 20 March 2023, DIFFER hosts a five-day workshop on Advances in Tokamak Integrated Modelling (ATIM).
The deadline for registration is 10 March 2023; participation is free. 

The format of the workshop is that each day begins with plenary talks and discussions, and is followed by parallel sessions / breakouts with trainings/discussions/development work on the 3 sub-topics covered in the workshop. “Parallel sessions” will be a self-organized splitting of the group into making further progress in the following topics. Reports will be made at end of workshop with further actions.

The workshop will cover the following sub-topics:

Automated simulation and analysis pipelines for Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) and large-scale model validation
Simulation workflow methodology, performance optimization, and model coupling
Software sustainability challenges regarding legacy overhead, containerization/cloud-deployment, and open source/open data.

A preliminary agenda can be downloaded here

Chairs: dr Jonathan Citrin; dr. Clarisse Bourdelle
Local organisation: Bébé van der Vlis

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