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List all past seminars organized at DIFFER

Dr. Shuxia Tao
January 23rd 2020
Metal halide perovskites have attracted enormous attention in the scientific community in recent years. This attention has been drawn by breakthroughs in perovskite optoelectronics, mainly in photovoltaics and LEDs. Although there has been great progress in their use in optoelectronics, fundamentally understanding this class of materials is still challenging, in particular the interplay of several physical and chemical processes.
Prof. dr. Saskia Lavrijssen / Brenda Espinoza
February 13th 2020
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Philipp Hofmann
February 27th 2020
The storage of intermittent solar energy in chemical bonds, i.e. Solar Fuels, is the most promising way to a future greener energy infrastructure. Chemical specificity in the investigation of the multiscale transient phenomena during semiconductor-driven photoelectrochemical (PEC) redox reactions is the key to a comprehensive understanding and modelling of the processes occurring in Solar Fuel generators. Interfacial energetics and dynamics crucially determine the performance of semiconductor photoelectrodes for (solar) chemical energy conversion.
Hylke Koers and Hans van Piggelen
March 5th 2020
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