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List all past seminars organized at DIFFER

Hanneke Gelderblom
April 25th 2019
The impact of a laser pulse onto a liquid drop can lead to a violent response: plasma formation and local boiling induce a strong propulsion and deformation of the drop and eventually rupture the liquid into tiny pieces. When drops impact onto a solid surface, similar deformation and fragmentation occurs. Hot liquid metal drops impacting a cold substrate in addition freeze upon contact, which strongly alters the drop dynamics. I will discuss the fundamental physics behind these phenomena and their application in industrial plasma sources used for extreme ultraviolet nanolithography.
Bayu Yajawardhana
May 2nd 2019
abstract will follow
Ilja Voets
May 9th 2019
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Peter Vaessen
May 16th 2019
Electricity is the fuel of choice for the future. Abundant variable renewables become available and advanced power electronics run our power system. Peter Vaessen, from DNVGL KEMA Laboratories and part time professor at TU Delft, will talk about the Energy Transition.
May 20th 2019
The performances of fusion devices and of future fusion power plants strongly depend on the plasma-facing materials and components. Resistance to heat and particle loads, compatibility in plasma operations, thermo-mechanical properties, as well as the response to neutron irradiation are critical parameters which need to be understood and tailored from atomistic to component levels. The 17th International Conference on Plasma-Facing Materials and Components for Fusion Applications addresses these issues.