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We believe in our duty to share knowledge through weekly seminars, regularly workshops and other events. Our weekly seminars at DIFFER (filter the list below for seminars only) cover a wide range of topics and are open to everybody. Please, read more about our seminars and specific information for external visitors at Upcoming seminars.

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List all past seminars organized at DIFFER

January 25, 2022
NWO Physics @ Veldhoven takes place at 25 and 26 January 2022. Theme of the 2022 edition is Physics Connects. Due to the current corona measures, the upcoming edition of NWO Physics @ Veldhoven will take place fully online.
Marco de Baar, Ruut Schalij
January 27, 2022
De Nederlandse Vereniging Duurzame Energie (NVDE) organiseert een webinar over kernfusie. Sprekers zijn Ruut Schalij van General Fusion en Marco de Baar van DIFFER.
Prof.dr. A.G. de Kok
February 3, 2022
Processes transforming input into output mostly consist of multiple interacting subprocesses, which require coordination to ensure the required output quality and -quantity. Likewise, supply chains consist of multiple organizations, which in turn consist of multiple units. Decision-making between these units and between organizations requires coordination. Within every organizational unit, decisions are constantly made based on expectations about the future, which are never completely correct.
February 11, 2022
This event will be moved to September 2022, date unknown yet. We will add the new date a.s.a.p.. The NNV-section Energy and Climate organizes the symposium 'Climate, seas and oceans' at DIFFER in Eindhoven - or online if needed. The subtitle of the event is: 'Current status and latest developments in modeling, observations and processes'.  
February 17, 2022
PhD defense
DIFFER PhD researcher Ray Chandra will defend his thesis Plasma exhaust for fusion reactors: numerical simulation and comparison with plasma beam experiments.