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We believe in our duty to share knowledge through weekly seminars, regularly workshops and other events. Our weekly seminars at DIFFER (filter the list below for seminars only) cover a wide range of topics and are open to everybody. Please, read more about our seminars and specific information for external visitors at Upcoming seminars.

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List all past seminars organized at DIFFER

Albert Polman
October 25th 2018
Joined seminar with TU/e. Note the different time and location. Cathodoluminescence imaging spectroscopy (CL) is a powerful tool to characterize optical nanomaterials at deep-subwavelength spatial resolution. In CL, a 5-30 keV electron beam is raster-scanned over the surface while the emitted radiation is detected. The electron beam creates a single-cycle electric field oscillation that couples strongly to the electrons in the material, providing a spectrally broadband nanoscale probe of the local optical density of states.
Erik Garnett
November 1st 2018
Both nanomaterials and halide perovskites have generated a tremendous amount of hype in the solar cell research community. Some of this attention is very much deserved, but in both cases there are also serious challenges left to be addressed before commercialization can be considered. This talk will highlight the big challenges remaining for solar cells, point to places where nanomaterials and/or halide perovskites provide some unique characteristics that may be able to address these challenges and end with a prospective on what big questions are left to address.
Peter Zijlstra
November 8th 2018
abstract will follow
Ivo Filot
November 15th 2018
abstract will follow soon
November 29th 2018
The organisers of the Workshop on the Exploration of Low-Temperature Plasma Physics (WELTPP) are glad to announce the 21st edition of our yearly workshop. This two-days-workshop is a unique opportunity for young plasma scientists to get in touch in an informal atmosphere. This workshop is intended for active scientists working in the field of low temperature plasma physics and usually covers low up to atmospheric pressure plasmas, modelling and diagnostic techniques. Please consider a participation of yourself, your group members and help us by sharing the announcement within your network!