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Technical support

DIFFER DIFFER is het Nederlands Instituut voor Funderend Energieonderzoek; een van de negen onderzoeksinstituten van de Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (NWO). Met multidisciplinair energieonderzoek zetten wij ons in om schone energie voor iedereen beschikbaar te maken. Onze missie in het kort: ‘Science for Future Energy’.

Postdoc position

A two year postdoc position is available in the group of Catalytic and Electrochemical Processes for Energy Applications in the area of water splitting and carbon dioxide valorization.


The discovery of new energy materials is becoming a large-scale challenge that is far beyond the reach of experimentation but also stretching the limits of conventional computation. At DIFFER; our AMD research group is working on to improve the speed and the prediction capability of computational methods for the discovery of new energy materials. We use machine learning (ML), which is essentially a method to make predictions and to optimize a performance criterion based on the available example data.


The computational MSc thesis project is part of a theory-experiment collaboration effort between DIFFER and our industrial partner. The overall aim is to understand the fundamentals of new Fe-based model catalysts, and to tune them further for the Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis of fuels using renewable energy. The fundamental aim is to know how Fe metal layers grow on different Cu metal substrates and how these newly grown Fe layers behave during the adsorption of atomic and molecular species, such as H, C, O, and CO, which are all needed for the synthesis of commercially valuable fuels.


Photo-electrochemical (PEC) solar fuel conversion is one of the most promising techniques to convert solar energy directly into its most versatile form of energy, a fuel. However, the efficiency is still low and degradation too high. We have several open BSc/MSc/internship projects for both experiments and modeling & simulation.