FuseNet: 8-bit PhD Event

The 8th FuseNet PhD event will to take place on 22 and 23 November 2021.

This second edition will have everything that made the previous edition great: keynotes by leading figures in European fusion, in-depth sessions in different fusion domains, and of course the Pecha Kucha contest that is readily becoming a household name.

But there’s more. This year’s PhD event will take place within Gather.town - all things fusion with a pinch of pixel art. Gather.town is a great platform to connect with your peers, making it feel almost as natural as in real life. To further promote networking, the 8th PhD event will also have a dedicated poster session, as well as the first-ever edition of SpeePhDating, where you’ll have several quick one-to-one sessions with people that you wouldn’t otherwise meet.



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