DIFFER Seminar: Revealing (multi-phase and reactive) flow within porous media through advances in time-resolved X-ray micro-computed tomography

To date, the underlying mechanisms controlling multi-phase and reactive flow within porous media are not fully understood. The lack of physical expressions in our computational models drives the need for more and more accurate experimental data on this subject. This talk will cover recent innovations in X-ray micro-computed tomography (microCT) and how these aid our understanding of multiphase flow processes and reactive transport in porous materials. Among other examples, we will discuss our recent studies on waste-water filtration in artificial sponges with a bench-top microCT developed in UGCT, multiphase flow in underground porous reservoirs investigated with a synchrotron-based microCT set-up (PSI-SLS TomCat) and the use of Xenon as in-situ pressure indicator. We will address the technical specifications of the respective microCT systems, experimental design for multiphase flow and reactive transport experiments and advances in image processing. To conclude, we will show how X-ray microCT advancements provided crucial insights into multiphase flow and reactive transport in porous media, guiding the refinement of respective computational models.

Matthijs van Berkel
DIFFER and online
Maja Rücker

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