Inspiring symposium "Research challenges in harvesting and converting solar energy"

September 10th 2015

10 September 2015
On September 4th DIFFER hosted a scientific symposium to bring together the communities working on bio-inspired and synthetic routes to convert sustainable energy. Close to 100 participants attended the symposium, representing academia, institutes, enterprises and industry in the fields (related to) the NWO programs Towards biosolar cells, CO2-neutral fuels and Plasma conversion of CO2. During the day the latest results from the programs were shared, and PhD students in the NWO projects presented their research.

In the afternoon the upcoming NWO program Solar-to-Products was announced. This public-private partnership program opens in the autumn of 2015 and will focus on the research of bio-inspired and synthetic routes to convert sustainable energy into chemical bonds. This new program is set up in collaboration with the Top Sectors Chemistry and Energy, and the TKI Bio-Based Economy.

This symposium is part of the “Science & The Energy Challenge” workshops that are facilitated by DIFFER.

More information on this particular symposium, the program and the presentations held during the day can be found on the symposium website.

photo credit: Norbert van Onna