August 5th 2009
5 August 2009
Minister Maria van der Hoeven (Economic Affairs) has announced that she is supporting ITER-NL2, the follow-up programme of ITER-NL, with 8 million euros from the so-called FES-budget (Fonds Economische Structuurversterking). The aim of the ITER-NL initiative is to enable a strong contribution of Dutch companies to ITER and to facilitate front-line participation of Dutch research in the scientific exploitation of the experiment. The ITER-NL consortium consists of three Dutch research institutes: the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO, the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter FOM (with her FOM-Institute for Plasma Physics Rijnhuizen), and the Nuclear Research and consultancy Group NRG.
July 30th 2009
29 July 2009
On the Nature-website, physicist Bob Nagler (Oxford University) and his international colleagues present a breakthrough in the field of non-linear optics.
July 30th 2009
15 July 2009
Dr. Jos Oomens has been appointed professor of Action Spectroscopy by special appointment of the Stichting Physica. His research at the Amsterdam University's Faculty of Science will focus on Action Spectroscopy - spectroscopical techniques ranging further than traditional absorption spectroscopy - and their applications.
July 30th 2009
14 July 2009
On Friday, July 10th, the permanent Rijnhuizen delegation said goodbye to their colleagues at the Jülich TEXTOR-tokamak. Researchers from Rijnhuizen did experiments at Jülich since the late '80s.
July 30th 2009
1 July 2009
The Annual report 2008 has been published. The report contains an overview of events of the last year and a discussion of the most important scientific results. It also includes the visitors guide, in which all the groups at the institute are described. Moreover, data on funding and scientific output are collected in the appendix.