Review of atomic data needs for active charge-exchange spectroscopy on ITER

TitleReview of atomic data needs for active charge-exchange spectroscopy on ITER
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsO. Marchuk, G. Bertschinger, W. Biel, E. Delabie, M.G von Hellermann, R. Jaspers, D. Reiter
PublisherAmer Inst Physics
Accession NumberISI:000260573500289
KeywordsCONFINEMENT, hydrogen, plasma density, plasma diagnostics, plasma toroidal, plasma-beam interactions, Tokamak devices

The quantitative exploitation of active beam spectra is largely based on an advanced atomic modeling. Under the ITER operating conditions the penetration depth of a diagnostic beam into the plasma core crucially affects the intensities of spectral lines and hence the uncertainties of derived plasma parameters. A critical review of atomic data and an assessment of its error margins are, therefore, urgently needed. The aim of the present work is to verify the existing beam-stopping and beam-emission data for hydrogen beam in fusion plasmas. The agreement between the ADAS database and the present calculations is found to be within 5% for the beam-stopping data in a H-plasma. The calculation of beam attenuation in the presence of He-ash (4%) and Be ions (2%) demonstrates the agreement between the present data and the ADAS database within 10%. Finally, the maximum deviation of 15% is found only for beam-emission data at the electron density of 1x10(12)-2x10(12) cm(-3), which is significantly below the ITER density of 10(14) cm(-3).

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