Validation of the ITER CXRS design by tests on TEXTOR

TitleValidation of the ITER CXRS design by tests on TEXTOR
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsR.JE Jaspers, M.G von Hellermann, E. Delabie, W. Biel, O. Marchuk, L. Yao
PublisherAmer Inst Physics
Accession NumberISI:000260573500283
Keywordsplasma diagnostics, plasma temperature, Tokamak devices

The charge exchange recombination spectroscopy system (CXRS) for ITER is designed to measure the core helium concentration, and in addition, profiles of ion temperature and rotation. This highly demanding task, due to the huge background radiation (bremsstrahlung) and the high attenuation of the dedicated diagnostic neutral beam, requires high throughput spectrometers with high resolution. On TEXTOR, a CXRS system has been developed with the aim to test the physics implications of these specifications. (i) A relevant spectrometer has been tested. (ii) A method to determine the helium concentrations from the CXRS intensity, using the beam emission has been evaluated. A 20% discrepancy in beam emission was revealed. (iii) The determination of the magnetic pitch angle by the ratio of Balmer lines showed qualitatively the right behavior, although the accuracy was limited by the polarization sensitivity of the first mirror. (iv) The simulation code developed for the prediction of the CXRS spectra was quantitatively confronted with experimental data.

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