The ITER EC H&CD upper launcher: Design, analysis and testing of a bolted joint for the Blanket Shield Module

TitleThe ITER EC H&CD upper launcher: Design, analysis and testing of a bolted joint for the Blanket Shield Module
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsR. Gessner, G. Aiello, G. Grossetti, A. Meier, D. Ronden, P. Spaeh, T. Scherer, S. Schreck, D. Strauss, A. Vaccaro
JournalFusion Engineering and Design
Pagination1881 - 1885
Type of ArticleITER;
KeywordsCATIA, DESIGN, ECRH, In-vessel-components, ITER, Mechanical engineering, Remote handling, Upper port plug

The final design of the structural system for the ITER EC H&CD upper launcher is in progress. Many design features of the preliminary design are under revision with the aim to achieve the built-to-print-status. This paper deals with design and analysis of a bolted joint for the Blanket Shield Module with special perspective on Remote Handling capability. The BSM of the ECH Launcher is attached to the Launcher Main Frame by a bolted joint conceived so that in the Hot Cell Facility, RH maintenance can be performed on internal components. The joint must be capable to resist very high Electro-Magnetic loads from disruptions, while it has to sustain substantial thermal cycling during operation. Thus the need for a rigid and reliable design is essential. Beside the set of pre-stressed bolts the flanges were therefore equipped with additional shear keys to divert radial moments away from the bolts. Main focus of the work performed was the mechanical design of the joint and the assessment of the structural integrity with respect to the loads applied and its capability for maintenance by RH procedures. To fulfill a major aspect of the RH requirements, the bolts were designed as captive in order to avoid their accidental removal from the joint. The captive bolt design is based on a concept that uses a dedicated spring ring, a standard spiral spring and a tensioning screw with two threads to secure the bolts in a form-locking stop. The final approval phase of the RH compatibility foresees simulations in Virtual Reality and physical tests on prototypes.







Alternate TitleFusion Eng. Des.

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