Use of the disruption mitigation valve in closed loop for routine protection at JET

TitleUse of the disruption mitigation valve in closed loop for routine protection at JET
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsC. Reux, M. Lehnen, U. Kruezi, S. Jachmich, P. Card, K. Heinola, E. Joffrin, P.J Lomas, S. Marsen, G. Matthews, V. Riccardo, F. Rimini, P. de Vries
JournalFusion Engineering and Design
Pagination1101 - 1104
KeywordsDISRUPTION, Disruption detection, Disruption mitigation, Massive gas injection, Real-time systems, TOKAMAK

Disruptions are a major concern for next-generation tokamaks, including ITER. Heat loads, electromagnetic forces and runaway electrons generated by disruptions have to be mitigated for a reliable operation of future machines. Massive gas injection is one of the methods proposed for disruption mitigation. This article reports the first use of massive gas injection as an active disruption protection system at JET. During the 2011–2012 campaigns, 67 disruptions have been mitigated by the disruption mitigation valve (DMV) following a detection by mode lock amplitude and loop voltage changes. Most of disruptions where the valve was intended to be used were successfully mitigated by the DMV, although at different stages of the typical slow disruptions of the ITER-like wall. The fraction of magnetic and thermal energy radiated during the disruption was found to be increased by the action of the DMV. Vertical forces dispersion was also reduced. No non-sustained breakdown was observed following pulses terminated by the disruption mitigation valve.







Alternate TitleFusion Eng. Des.

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