Development of real-time plasma analysis and control algorithms for the TCV tokamak using Simulink

TitleDevelopment of real-time plasma analysis and control algorithms for the TCV tokamak using Simulink
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsF. Felici, H.B Le, J.I Paley, B.P Duval, S. Coda, J.M Moret, A. Bortolon, L. Federspiel, T.P Goodman, G. Hommen, A. Karpushov, F. Piras, A. Pitzschke, J. Romero, G. Sevillano, O. Sauter, W. Vijvers, TCV team
JournalFusion Engineering and Design
Pagination165 - 176
Keywordsdiagnostics, MHD control, Plasma control, Simulink, TCV, TOKAMAK

One of the key features of the new digital plasma control system installed on the TCV tokamak is the possibility to rapidly design, test and deploy real-time algorithms. With this flexibility the new control system has been used for a large number of new experiments which exploit TCV's powerful actuators consisting of 16 individually controllable poloidal field coils and 7 real-time steerable electron cyclotron (EC) launchers. The system has been used for various applications, ranging from event-based real-time MHD control to real-time current diffusion simulations. These advances have propelled real-time control to one of the cornerstones of the TCV experimental program. Use of the Simulink graphical programming language to directly program the control system has greatly facilitated algorithm development and allowed a multitude of different algorithms to be deployed in a short time. This paper will give an overview of the developed algorithms and their application in physics experiments.







Alternate TitleFusion Eng. Des.

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