La/Sr-based perovskites as soot oxidation catalysts for Gasoline Particulate Filters

TitleLa/Sr-based perovskites as soot oxidation catalysts for Gasoline Particulate Filters
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsW.Y Hernández, M.N Tsampas, C. Zhao, A. Boréave, F. Bosselet, P. Vernoux
JournalCatalysis Today
Volume258, Part 2
Pagination525 - 534
KeywordsGasoline direct injection engines, Perovskite-type catalysts, Reducibility, Soot oxidation

La0.6Sr0.4BO3 type-perovskites (with B = Fe, Mn or Ti) were synthesized by a complex route from the thermal decomposition of the chelated nitrate precursors, as soot oxidation catalysts under low oxygen partial pressures. The nature of the B-site cation modifies the morphology, the structural symmetry, the charge compensation mechanism and the redox properties. The generation of oxygen vacancies is predominant in LSF while an increase in the oxidation state of B cations occurs in LSM and LST, respectively. A direct link was established between the reducibility of the perovskites and their ability to oxidize soot. Fe and Mn-based perovskites exhibit similar catalytic behaviors, superior to LST, which are attributed to the presence of oxygen vacancies in LSF and Mn4+ cations in LSM. This latter redox property is particularly suitable to oxidize soot at low oxygen partial pressures, as encountered in gasoline direct injection engine exhausts.







Alternate TitleCatal. Today

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