Interdisciplinary MESA+/Rijnhuizen Research Proposal Awarded First Place

July 30th 2009

16 July 2008
The Technology Foundation STW has honoured a strategic research proposal involving a number of MESA+ research groups at the University of Twente with the first prize. The nSI Department of Rijnhuizen is participating in the project.

The groups have joined forces in order to come up with two completely new applications of nano-arrays: the so-called interdigital transducers (array structures for the generation of high-frequency acoustic surface waves for use in telecommunications), and the Bragg-Fresnel structures for the reflection of radiation in soft X-ray wavelength range.

Both applications have a shared feature, notably the use of nanoimprint lithography in their manufacture. This is a highly advanced production method for applying patterns with dimensions down to several tens of nanometers, and a technology that bodes well for future serial production. Project leader Dr Wilfred van der Wiel (MESA+) has also obtained the full support of PANanalytical (Almelo). Until recently a part of Philips, PANanalytical develops advanced equipment for fluorescent x-ray analysis, successfully combining the latter with multilayer x-ray mirrors.

The new Bragg-Fresnel structures combine Bragg reflection of standard multilayers with Fresnel diffraction through a variety of lattice structures. The combination of these two processes makes new optical applications possible. The MESA+/Rijnhuizen team brings together all the requisite disciplines: nanoelectronics (Dr Wilfred van der Wierl); molecular nanofabrication (Prof Jurriaan Huskens); laser physics (Prof. Klaus Boller); mesoscale chemical systems (Dr Regina Luttge); and XUV optics (Prof. Fred Bijkerk).

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