Pilot- and Magnum-PSI on the radio

July 30th 2009

26 February 2009
The completion of Magnum-PSI's vacuum system attracted quite some publicity. On Monday, February 23th, the Dutch science radio show Hoe?Zo! (Teleac) broadcasted interviews with Wim Koppers, Amy Shumack and Tony Donne. The item discusses the past, present and future of plasma-surface-interactions at FOM Rijnhuizen, and their relevance for the international ITER project.


Listen to the report (MP3) by Jos Wassink / Hoe?Zo! radio (Teleac)


Vacuum milestone for plasma experiment Magnum-PSI


Radio reporter Jos Wassink talking to PhD student Amy Shumack (Pilot-PSI) and to Wim Koppers (Magnum-PSI project leader)