Growing knowledge and talent

Besides fundamental research, we believe we have a duty to share knowledge and to offer young researchers the opportunity to develop at our institute. We do this through seminars, workshops and by creating opportunities for PhD positions and internships.

PhD positions and internships

As a young researcher at DIFFER, you are given the opportunity to start your career by doing PhD research that is relevant for society. Our senior researchers supervise you through on-the-job training, and you receive courses on presentation techniques, scientific writing and the valorisation of research. We also offer short and long internships for students. Check our vacancies page.

Courses and presentations

Our top researchers are constantly seeking new inspiration and are pleased to share their knowledge during lectures, conferences and other meetings. Upon request, they also provide presentations and lectures on their own research into fusion energy or solar fuels. Interested? Call or e-mail us!

Seminars, workshops and events

DIFFER organises freely accessible seminars every Thursday. As we know that the worldwide energy challenges can only be solved through collaboration, we regularly organise workshops and events where science and industry can meet and talk. Look for our seminars in our general calendar.

Visiting DIFFER

Universities of applied sciences, vocational courses, student associations, policy makers, companies and other interested parties can view our research setups and talk with our researchers. Furthermore, high school pupils sometimes can perform experiments in the PlasmaLab of Eindhoven University of Technology next door. Interested? Call or e-mail us!

Open house day

During the yearly national Weekend of Science, our building and laboratories are open to the public. Read more (in Dutch).

Discover energy: education projects

Why is energy research actually needed? You can find out in the various education projects of DIFFER. For small groups of school pupils and students, we organise guest experiments together with the TU/e PlasmaLab. Our researchers also give interviews for coursework and research projects.

For a fresh look at sustainable energy, DIFFER has the Energy Reality Check, a science quiz about everything you did not know or actually should have known about sustainable energy.

Secondary schools, students and energy events can book the science theatre Fusion Road Show. During this one-hour show, we build a nuclear fusion reactor live on stage and we explore the possible role of fusion energy in the worldwide energy supply.