Designing system innovations; an approach

The transition from the fossil energy system to a renewable system is more than just a normal 'innovation'. It is not only about the introduction of a new technique, and the change of the societal and economic practices in which it is applied. The change is here so radical that also the structure in which these practices are embedded has to change: economic chains, law, knowledge infrastructure etc.. 

In this colloquium, John Grin will present a design method for such so called 'system innovations'. This method extends the well-known engineering approach of Kroonenberg, such that a method emerges with which techniques, practices and structure adaptations can be designed. In depth interaction between various experts and societal parties is quintessential to this. This approach to 'reflexive designing' has by now been applied to various sectors (animal husbandry, port of Amsterdam, ICT in long-term care) in which it led to the succesful introduction of new techniques.

Thursday, February 8, 2018 -
11:15 to 12:15
seminar room
John Grin
University of Amsterdam