MSc project: 2D reduced MHD simulations of neoclassical tearing modes (benchmarking the generalized Rutherford equation)

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2D reduced MHD simulations of neoclassical tearing modes (benchmarking the generalized Rutherford equation)

The 2D reduced MHD code RUTH is used to study the linear and nonlinear evolution of (neoclassical) tearing modes. Within this broad range of topics various thesis projects can be developed ranging from the implementation of more efficient numerical schemes to the implementation of additional physics models and effects such as the ion polarization current, cylindrical coordinates and radial asymmetries and the benchmarking of the effects on the nonlinear growth of the mode against the generalized Rutherford equation.


Intended level: MSc.

Expertise needed: depending on the further specification of the project plasma physics, computer science, or numerical mathematics

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