The symposium program can be downloaded here:
S2P symposium program

On the Solar-to-Products symposium, researchers will have ample opportunity to discuss their research, exchange ideas and initiate possible future collaborations. The program consists of the following structure.

Creating sustainable CO2‐neutral fuels (CNF)

We will start the day with a recap of the research highlights of the CO2 neutral fuels program. Which will be followed by the current state of the art of catalytic and electrochemical processes for energy applications and related research on electrochemical materials and interfaces.

Storing and converting solar energy in chemical products

The next session will be covered by top researchers involved in the running NWO program Solar-to-Products. This session will discuss current state of the art research on the conversion of solar energy to products and fuels such as syngas and ethylene. Also, methods for conversion and reduction of CO2 are discussed.

Poster session

To gain more in depth understanding and discuss this research a poster session is organized. PhD candidates, PostDocs and other researchers can further elaborate and discuss their research. The poster session focuses on research from the NWO programmes Solar-to-Products, Materials-for-Sustainability, CO2-Neutral-Fuels and Towards Biosolar Cells. Please register here.

Panel discussion - triple helix

A triple helix panel discussion takes place between researchers, industrial partners and government representatives. A plenary interaction between science, industry and government in order to gain more insight in the possibilities and challenges of these innovative techniques and processes.

Future activities

All activities will be put into international perspective and funding opportunities will be presented.

At the end of the day there will be room for networking during an informal closing drink.