Model-based real-time plasma electron density profile estimation and control on ASDEX Upgrade and TCV

TitleModel-based real-time plasma electron density profile estimation and control on ASDEX Upgrade and TCV
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsT.C Blanken, F. Felici, C. Galperti, O. Kudlacek, F. Janky, A. Mlynek, L. Giannone, P.T Lang, W. Treutterer, M.R de Baar, W.PMH Heemels
JournalFusion Engineering and Design
Date Published10/2019

Real-time plasma electron density profile estimation and control are essential in the operation of future tokamaks. In particular, the robustness against diagnostics failure and disturbances is important for long pulse operation.
A model-based approach to profile estimation is implemented on the control systems of ASDEX Upgrade and TCV, which is able to merge information from various diagnostics for both core and edge density, as well as systematically handling diagnostic failure. The model used for profile estimation is employed to tune a feedback controller before an experiment, thereby reducing the experimental time required for tuning.
Subsequently, this observer and controller have been employed in scientific experiments on ASDEX Upgrade and TCV. On ASDEX Upgrade, the density profile estimator was used in high-density pellet-fuelled discharges, providing a more reliable real-time estimate of the core density for feedback control than previously achieved. On TCV, in experiments on integrated pressure and safety factor profile control, the density profile estimator and feedback controller provide a constant density despite disturbances from time-varying ECCD power. Additionally, the real-time density profiles provide an essential input for other real-time plasma state estimation codes including Electron Cyclotron ray tracing codes, contributing to a complete real-time estimation of the entire plasma state.







Alternate TitleFusion Eng. Des.

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