Recent Results on Ion-Cyclotron and Combined Heating of Textor

TitleRecent Results on Ion-Cyclotron and Combined Heating of Textor
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsR. Koch, A.M Messiaen, J. Ongena, R. Vannieuwenhove, G. Van Oost, G. van Wassenhove, P. Dumortier, F. Durodie, P.E Vandenplas, D. Vanesteer, M. Vervier, R.R Weynants, K.H. Finken, H. Euringer, V. Philipps, U. Samm, B. Unterberg, J. Winter, G. Bertschinger, H.G Esser, G. Fuchs, B. Giesen, E. Hintz, F. Hoenen, P. Hutteman, L. Konen, M. Korten, H.R Koslowski, A. KramerFlecken, M. Lochter, G. Mank, A. Pospieszczyk, B. Schweer, H. Soltwisch, G. Telesca, R. Uhlemann, G. Waidmann, G.H Wolf, J. Boedo, D. Gray, D.L Hillis, T. Oyevaar, H.F Tammen, T. Tanabe, Y. Ueda
JournalFusion Engineering and Design
Date PublishedJan
ISBN Number0920-3796

The recent experimental activity in the field of auxiliary heating and related topics on TEXTOR is reviewed. TEXTOR is equipped with up to 4 MW of ion cyclotron heating power and 3.4 MW of neutral beam injection. The combination of the radiating boundary concept with high auxiliary power has extended the improved confinement domain to the large density regime and demonstrated the viability of the radiating boundary concept for long pulse high power operation. Improved confinement was also achieved in third harmonic heating, characterised by predominant coupling of the RF to the beam ions. Operation of an unshielded antenna with insulated limiters proved that RF sheaths are taking place on the side limiters and are suppressed by insulation. Control of the helium flux by the RF was successfully demonstrated using the interaction of the RF with fast He-3 ions injected by neutral beam. Preliminary tests with a high Z limiter indicate compatibility, and even a positive effect, of the RF. Experience gained in operating unshielded antennas is also commented on.



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