Saturation and nonlinear electromagnetic stabilization of ITG turbulence

TitleSaturation and nonlinear electromagnetic stabilization of ITG turbulence
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsG.G Whelan, M.J Pueschel, P.W Terry, J. Citrin, I.J McKinney, W. Guttenfelder, H. Doerk
JournalPhysics of Plasmas

Energy transfer in ion-temperature-gradient-driven (ITG) turbulence and its role in modeling transport are examined for finite normalized plasma pressure β for a number of test cases and experimental discharges. The analysis shows that like the zero-β case, finite-β ITG turbulence saturates by nonlinear energy transfer to stable modes mediated by a zonal flow. Electromagnetic effects reliably increase stable mode amplitudes but affect heat fluxes only at the ≈5% level. The most important change with increased β is an increase in the correlation time of the triplet interaction of the unstable mode, stable mode, and zonal flow, thus providing a heightened nonlinear energy transfer efficiency, which allows the instability to saturate at lower amplitude. The heat flux is examined in connection with nonlinear electromagnetic stabilization, the phenomenon where the flux falloff with β is more pronounced than the falloff predicted by quasilinear transport models. The inclusion of the triplet correlation time in the quasilinear model captures most of the nonlinearly enhanced stabilization for the configurations studied here







Alternate TitlePhys. Plasmas

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