MANTIS: A real-time quantitative multispectral imaging system for fusion plasmas

TitleMANTIS: A real-time quantitative multispectral imaging system for fusion plasmas
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsA. Perek, W.AJ Vijvers, Y. Andrebe, I.GJ Classen, B.P Duval, C. Galperti, J.R Harrison, B. Linehan, T. Ravensbergen, K. Verhaegh, M.R de Baar, TCV team, EUROfusion MST1 Team
JournalReview of Scientific Instruments

This work presents a novel, real-time capable, 10-channel Multispectral Advanced Narrowband Tokamak Imaging System installed on the TCV tokamak, MANTIS. Software and hardware requirements are presented together with the complete system architecture. The image quality of the system is assessed with emphasis on effects resulting from the narrowband interference filters. Some filters are found to create internal reflection images that are correlated with the filters’ reflection coefficient. This was measured for selected filters where significant absorption (up to 65% within ∼70 nm of the filter center) was measured. The majority of this was attributed to the filter’s design, and several filters’ performance is compared. Tailored real-time algorithms exploiting the system’s capabilities are presented together with benchmarks comparing polling and event based synchronization. The real-time performance is demonstrated with a density ramp discharge performed on TCV. The behavior of spectral lines’ emission from different plasma species and their interpretation are qualitatively described.





Alternate TitleRev. Sci. Instrum.

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