Seminar: SPARC and the high-field path to fusion energy

The MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center is partnering with Commonwealth Fusion Systems to design and build SPARC, a device whose goal is to demonstrate net fusion plasma energy gain Q  > 2 in a compact (R~1.8 m) D-T tokamak. The toroidal field coils will use REBCO high-temperature superconductors and R&D progress towards achieving B=12 tesla will be described. SPARC’s detailed design and mission are discussed, including the addition of an advanced long-leg divertor. The SPARC mission is fully aligned with a compact fusion pilot plant ARC, and additional fusion technology research efforts to support ARC will be described.  While funded by the private-sector, SPARC provides diverse opportunities for collaborations with the US and international fusion community.

Thursday, September 24, 2020 - 11:15 to 12:15
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Dr. Dennis G. Whyte
Director, MIT Plasma Science & Fusion Center, Massachusetts USA
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D. G. Whyte for the SPARC, MIT and CFS Teams
Prof. dr. Marco de Baar