Evidence of inhomogeneous thermal transport in RTP

TitleEvidence of inhomogeneous thermal transport in RTP
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsG.MD Hogeweij, C.C. Chu, D.F Da Cruz, F. De Luca, G. Gorini, A. Jacchia, N.JL Cardozo, P. Mantica, A.AM Oomens, M. Peters, F.J. Pijper, R.W Polman
JournalNuclear Fusion
Date PublishedMay
ISBN Number0029-5515

There are strong indications that the radial electron thermal diffusivity is not a smooth function of the radius, but shows strong local variations. To investigate this irregularity systematically, a number of dedicated experiments have been carried out in the RTP tokamak: intense central heating, pellet ablation experiments, perturbative transport studies and steady state off-axis heating. The crucial diagnostic in these experiments is the Thomson scattering system, with a radial resolution of 1% of the minor radius. In sawtoothing plasmas a transport barrier has been identified near the sawtooth inversion radius. With steady state off-axis heating, hollow current density profiles have been sustained, and the region of reversed magnetic shear is characterized by very low thermal transport.



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