DIFFER hosts ECCM Research Program Day

September 8th 2021

DIFFER will be hosting the ECCM Research Program day, an event in follow-up to the ECCM conference of 2021. The goal of the program day is to strengthen the national research community, currently working within the broad topic of  'Electrochemical conversion and materials'. The event will bringing together researchers from academia, research institutes and industry who are active in the research programs in the national ECCM field. The event is on November 11th, 2021.

Researchers are offered an opportunity to pitch their research and to come into contact with other researchers in the same field. The conference will cover and address the future of the ECCM field and industry(junior) researchers are offered the stage as well. (PhD) Students and researchers are welcomed to present a poster during one of the two poster sessions.


More information
ECCM website: ECCM Research Day – Platform Elektrochemische Conversie & Materialen (ECCM) (co2neutraalin2050.nl)

Registration ECCM Research Day | Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research (differ.nl)

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