Suppression of LO phonon scattering in Landau quantized quantum dots

TitleSuppression of LO phonon scattering in Landau quantized quantum dots
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsB.N Murdin, A.R Hollingworth, M. Kamal-Saadi, R.T Kotitschke, C.M Ciesla, C.R Pidgeon, P.C Findlay, H.PM Pellemans, C Langerak, A.C Rowe, R.A Stradling, E. Gornik
JournalPhysical Review B
Date PublishedMar 15
ISBN Number1098-0121; 1550-235X

Picosecond time-resolved far-infrared measurements are presented of the scattering between conduction-band states in a doped quasi quantum dot. These states are created by the application of a magnetic field along the growth direction of an InAs/AlSb quantum well. A clear suppression of the cooling rate is seen, from 10(12) s(-1) when the level spacing is equal to the phonon energy, to 10(10) s(-1) away from this resonance, and thus the results provide unambiguous evidence for the phonon bottleneck. Furthermore, the lifetimes had only weak dependence on temperature between 4 and 80 K. [S0163-1829(99)50612-7].



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