Plasma expansion waves in the pre-shock region

TitlePlasma expansion waves in the pre-shock region
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsK.T.A.L. Burm, D.C. Schram, W.J Goedheer
EditorP. Fauchais, J. VanDerMullen, J. Heberlein
Book TitleHeat and Mass Transfer under Plasma Conditions
Series TitleAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences
ISBN Number0077-89231-57331-234-7

The object of this paper is the study of a cylinder symmetric plasma expansion from a high density source with small dimensions into a low pressure vessel with large dimensions. The gas dynamic theory of Prandtl-Meyer flows is used as a guide to get a better understanding of the flow behavior of the expanding plasma. In gas dynamics, the expansion from the exit pressure to the background pressure takes place through a series of expansion waves just beyond the are and is followed by a normal shock(1-3). A plasma behaves similar. Using gas dynamic theory, the shock position and the Mach number at the shock have been estimated for an argon plasma. Further, with the help of control volumes we estimated the cross-section of the normal shock.



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