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M.C Sorkun, D. Mullaj, J.MVA Koelman, S. ErChemPlot, a Python Library for Chemical Space Visualization, Chem. Methods 2 (2022) e202200005.
C.K. Tsui, J. Boedo, D. Brida, O. Fevrier, G.F. Harrer, A. Perek, H. Reimerdes, B.P. Duval, S. Gorno, U. Sheikh et al.Evidence on the effects of main-chamber neutrals on density shoulder broadening, Phys. Plasmas 29 (2022) 062507.
J. Citrin, S. Maeyama, C. Angioni, N. Bonanomi, C. Bourdelle, F.J. Casson, E. Fable, T. Görler, P. Mantica, A. Mariani et al.Integrated modelling and multiscale gyrokinetic validation study of ETG turbulence in a JET hybrid H-mode scenario, Nucl. Fusion 62 (2022) 086025.
P. Reichherzer, B J. Tjus, E.G. Zweibel, L. Merten, M. PueschelAnisotropic cosmic-ray diffusion in isotropic Kolmogorov turbulence, Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 514 (2022) 2658–2666.
J. Mailloux, N. Abid, K. Abraham, P. Abreu, O. Adabonyan, J. Citrin, A. Ho, M. Marin, C.J. Meekes, K.L. van de Plassche et al.Overview of JET results for optimising ITER operation, Nucl. Fusion 62 (2022) 042026.
Q. OngVibrational excitement: mode-selective conversion of CO2, PhD (2022) 
D.R. Hatch, C. Michoski, D. Kuang, B. Chapman-Oplopoiou, M. Curie, M. Halfmoon, E. Hassan, M. Kotschenreuther, S. Mahajan, M.J. Pueschel et al.Reduced models for ETG transport in the pedestal, Phys. Plasmas 29 (2022) 062501.
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M.C SorkunArtificial Intelligence-driven Discovery of Materials for Energy Applications, PhD (2022) 
R.F. Hamans, M. Parente, A. Garcia-Etxarri, A. BaldiOn the Optical Properties of Colloidal Silver Nanowires, J. Phys. Chem. C 126 (2022) 8703-8709.
F. Girard-Sahun, O. Biondo, G. Trenchev, G.J. van Rooij, A. BogaertsCarbon bed post-plasma to enhance the CO2 conversion and remove O2 from the product stream, Chem. Eng. J. 442 (2022) 136268.
Y. Li, T. Vermeij, J.P.M Hoefnagels, Q. Zhu, T.W. MorganInfluence of porosity and blistering on the thermal fatigue behavior of tungsten, Nucl. Fusion 62 (2022) 076039.
M.E. Fenstermacher, DIII-D Team, J. Abbate, G. Snoep, R.J.R van Kampen, et al.DIII-D research advancing the physics basis for optimizing the tokamak approach to fusion energy, Nucl. Fusion 62 (2022) 042024.
B. Samanta, A. Morales-Garcia, F. Illas, N. Goga, J.A. Anta, S. Calero, A. Bieberle-Hütter, F. Libisch, A.B. Muñoz-García, M. Pavone et al.Challenges of modeling nanostructured materials for photocatalytic water splitting, Chem. Soc. Rev. 51 (2022) 3794-3818.
L. Vialetto, A.W. van de Steeg, P. Viegas, S. Longo, G.J. van Rooij, M.C.M van de Sanden, J. van Dijk, P. DiomedeCharged particle kinetics and gas heating in CO2 microwave plasma contraction: comparisons of simulations and experiments, Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. 31 (2022) 055005.
V.S Marques PereiraODS steels for nuclear applications: thermal stability of the microstructure and evolution of defects, PhD (2022) 
F. Verdelli, J.J.P.M. Schulpen, A. Baldi, J Gomez RivasChasing Vibro-Polariton Fingerprints in Infrared and Raman Spectra Using Surface Lattice Resonances on Extended Metasurfaces, J. Phys. Chem. C 126 (2022) 7143–7151.
W. Ou, P. Rindt, K. Li, W. Arnold Bik, T.W. MorganDeuterium retention and removal in liquid lithium determined by in-situ NRA in Magnum-PSI, Nucl. Fusion 62 (2022) 076010.
T.S. Pedersen, I. Abramovic, P. Agostinetti, A Torres, S. Akaslompolo, A Belloso, P. Aleynikov, K. Aleynikova, M.J. Pueschel, MR de Baar et al.Experimental confirmation of efficient island divertor operation and successful neoclassical transport optimization in Wendelstein 7-X, Nucl. Fusion 62 (2022) 042022.
H.J. Bin, K. Datta, J.K. Wang, T.P.A van de Pol, J. Y Li, M.M. Wienk, R.A.J JanssenFinetuning Hole-Extracting Monolayers for Efficient Organic Solar Cells, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 14 (2022) 16497–16504.
V.V. Medvedev, N.N. Novikova, E. ZoethoutSalisbury screen with lossy nonconducting materials: Way to increase spectral selectivity of absorption, Thin Solid Films 751 (2022) 139232.