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F.J. Artola, C.R. Sovinec, S.C. Jardin, M. Hoelzl, I. Krebs, C. Clauser3D simulations of vertical displacement events in tokamaks: A benchmark of M3D-C 1, NIMROD, and JOREK, Phys. Plasmas 28 (2021) 052511.
V. Sinha, D. Sun, E.J. Meijer, T.J.H Vlugt, A. Bieberle-HütterA Multiscale Modelling Approach to Elucidate the Mechanism of the Oxygen Evolution Reaction at the Hematite-Water Interface, Faraday Discuss. 229 (2021) 89-107.
P.W. Hatfield, J.A. Gaffney, G.J. Anderson, S. Ali, L. Antonelli, Bdu S. Pree, J. Citrin, M. Fajardo, P. Knapp, B. Kettle et al.The data-driven future of high-energy-density physics, Nature 593 (2021) 351-361.
O. Fevrier, H. Reimerdes, C. Theiler, D. Brida, C. Colandrea, H. de Oliveira, B.P. Duval, D. Galassi, S. Gorno, A. Perek et al.Divertor closure effects on the TCV boundary plasma, Nucl. Mater. Energy 27 (2021) 100977.
V. Dwivedi, A. Marín-Roldan, J. Karhunen, P. Paris, I. Jõgi, C. Porosnicu, C. Lungu, H.J. van der Meiden, A. Hakola, P. VeisCF-LIBS quantification and depth profile analysis of Be coating mixed layers, Nucl. Mater. Energy 27 (2021) 100990.
D. Pintossi, M. Saakes, Z. Borneman, K. NijmeijerTailoring the Surface Chemistry of Anion Exchange Membranes with Zwitterions: Toward Antifouling RED Membranes, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 13 (2021) 18348–18357.
M. Hoelzl, G.T.A Huijsmans, S.J.P Pamela, M. Bécoulet, E. Nardon, F.J. Artola, B. Nkonga, C.V. Atanasiu, I. Krebs, E. Westerhof et al.The JOREK non-linear extended MHD code and applications to large-scale instabilities and their control in magnetically confined fusion plasmas, Nucl. Fusion 61 (2021) 065001.
L.F. He, M. Khafizov, C. Jiang, B. Tyburska-Pueschel, B.J. Jaques, P.Y. Xiu, P. Xu, M.K. Meyer, K. Sridharan, D.P. Butt et al.Phase and defect evolution in uranium-nitrogen-oxygen system under irradiation, Acta Mater. 208 (2021) 116778.
W. Ou, F. Brochard, T.W. MorganBubble formation in liquid Sn under different plasma loading conditions leading to droplet ejection, Nucl. Fusion 61 (2021) 066030.
I. Tezsevin, M.C.M van de Sanden, S. ErHigh-Throughput Computational Screening of Cubic Perovskites for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathodes, J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 12 (2021) 4160-4165.
S. Kelly, A.W. van de Steeg, A. Hughes, G.J. van Rooij, A. BogaertsThermal instability and volume contraction in a pulsed microwave N-2 plasma at sub-atmospheric pressure, Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. 30 (2021) 055005.
B.T. Feleki, C.H.L Weijtens, M.M. Wienk, R.A.J. JanssenThin Thermally Evaporated Organic Hole Transport Layers for Reduced Optical Losses in Substrate-Configuration Perovskite Solar Cells, ACS Appl. Energy Mater. 4 (2021) 3033-3043.
Y.A. Hugo, W. Kout, A. Forner-Cuenca, Z. Borneman, K. NijmeijerWire based electrospun composite short side chain perfluorosulfonic acid/ polyvinylidene fluoride membranes for hydrogen-bromine flow batteries, J. Power Sources 497 (2021) 229812.
S. Kajita, D. Nishijima, K. Fuj, ii, G.R.A. Akkermans, H.J. van der MeidenApplication of multiple regression for sensitivity analysis of helium line emissions to the electron density and temperature in Magnum-PSI, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 63 (2021) 055018.
A.W. van de Steeg, L. Vialetto, A.F. Silva, F.J.J. Peeters, D.C.M van den Bekerom, N. Gatti, P. Diomede, M.C.M van de Sanden, G.J. van RooijRevisiting spontaneous Raman scattering for direct oxygen atom quantification, Opt. Lett. 46 (2021) 2172-2175.
P. Rindt, S.Q. Korving, T.W. Morgan, N.J. Lopes CardozoPerformance of liquid-lithium-filled 3D-printed tungsten divertor targets under deuterium loading with ELM-like pulses in Magnum-PSI, Nucl. Fusion 61 (2021) 066026.
M.J. Pueschel, P.Y. Li, P.W. TerryPredicting the critical gradient of ITG turbulence in fusion plasmas, Nucl. Fusion 61 (2021) 054003.
R.F. Hamans, M. Parente, A. BaldiSuper-Resolution Mapping of a Chemical Reaction Driven by Plasmonic Near-Fields, ACS Nano Lett. 21 (2021) 2149-2155.
N. Garcia-Moncada, G.J. van Rooij, T. Cents, L. LeffertsCatalyst-assisted DBD plasma for coupling of methane: Minimizing carbon-deposits by structured reactors, Catal. Today 369 (2021) 210-220.
J. Smoniewski, E. Sanchez, I. Calvo, M.J. Pueschel, J.N. TalmadgeComparison of local and global gyrokinetic calculations of collisionless zonal flow damping in quasi-symmetric stellarators, Phys. Plasmas 28 (2021) 042503.