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L.C Ingesson, D.J WilsonOptimization of apertures and collimators for multi-channel plasma diagnostics, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 873 (2002) 2890-2899.
L.C Ingesson, B. Alper, B.J Peterson, J.C ValletTomography diagnostics: Bolometry and soft-X-ray detection, Fusion Sci. Technol. 253 (2008) 528-576.
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L.C IngessonVisible-light tomography of tokamak plasmas, PhD (1995) 
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L.C Ingesson, V.V Pickalov, A.JH Donne, D.C. SchramFirst Tomographic Reconstructions and a Study of Interference Filters for Visible-Light Tomography on Rtp, Review of Scientific Instruments 166 (1995) 622-624.
L.C Ingesson, J. Rapp, G.F MatthewsRadiation in impurity-seeded discharges in the JET MkI, MkIIA and MkIIGB divertors, Journal of Nuclear Materials 313 (2003) 1173-1177.
L.C Ingesson, J.J Koning, A.JH Donne, D.C. SchramVisible-Light Tomography Using an Optical Imaging-System, Review of Scientific Instruments 1063 (1992) 5185-5187.