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T.C Hender, J.C Wesley, J. Bialek, A. Bondeson, A.H Boozer, R.J Buttery, A. Garofalo, T.P Goodman, R.S Granetz, Y. Gribov et al.Chapter 3: MHD stability, operational limits and disruptions, Nuclear Fusion 647 (2007) S128-S202.
B.A. Hennen, E. Westerhof, J.W Oosterbeek, P Nuij, D. De Lazzari, G.W Spakman, M. de Baar, M. SteinbuchA closed-loop control system for stabilization of MHD events on TEXTOR,  (2009) 928-934.
E. Westerhof, J. PrattClosure of the single fluid magnetohydrodynamic equations in presence of electron cyclotron current drive, Phys. Plasmas 1021 (2014) 102516.
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E. Westerhof, J. Pratt, B. AytenClosure of the single fluid magnetohydrodynamic equations in presence of electron cyclotron current drive, EPJ Web Conf. 87 (2015) 01005.
E. WesterhofComment on 'The role of the RF induced electric field in the current drive by EC waves in the presence of magnetic islands', Nucl. Fusion 651 (2011) 068001.
W.A Bongers, W. Kasparek, N.J Doelman, R. Van den Braber, H. van den Brand, F. Meo, MR de Baar, F.J. Amerongen, A.JH Donne, B.SQ Elzendoorn et al.Commissioning of inline ECE system within waveguide based ECRH transmission systems on ASDEX upgrade, EPJ Conf. 32 (2012) 03006.
J.FM van Gelder, E. Westerhof, F.C Schüller, A.JH DonneComparison of ECE spectra as observed from the high- and low-field side, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 640 (1998) 1185-1199.
D. Moseev, F. Meo, S.B Korsholm, T. Koskela, M. Albergante, O. Asunta, H. Bindslev, A. Burger, V. Furtula, M.Y Kantor et al.Comparison of measured and simulated fast ion velocity distributions in the TEXTOR tokamak, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 1053 (2011) 105004.
G.MD Hogeweij, P. Dumortier, D. Van Eester, F.A Hoekzema, R.JE Jaspers, D. Kalupin, H.R Koslowski, A. Messiaen, R.W Polman, F.C Schüller et al.Confinement and transport in EC heated RI-mode discharges in TEXTOR, Nuclear Fusion 444 (2004) 533-541.
N. Bertelli, E. WesterhofConsequences of finite transport on the effectiveness of ECCD for neoclassical tearing mode stabilization in ITER, Nucl. Fusion 949 (2009) 10.
B. Ayten, E. WesterhofConsequences of plasma rotation for neoclassical tearing mode suppression by electron cyclotron current drive, Phys. Plasmas 919 (2012) 092506.
O. Sauter, E. Westerhof, M.L Mayoral, B. Alper, P.A Belo, R.J Buttery, A. Gondhalekar, T. Hellsten, T.C Hender, D.F Howell et al.Control of neoclassical tearing modes by sawtooth control, Physical Review Letters 1088 (2002) 
E. Westerhof, O. Sauter, M.L Mayoral, D.F Howell, M.J Mantsinen, MFF Nave, B. Alper, C. Angioni, P. Belo, R.J Buttery et al.Control of sawteeth and triggering of NTMs with ion cyclotron resonance frequency waves in JET, Nuclear Fusion 1142 (2002) 1324-1334.
A.JH Donne, E. WesterhofControlled Fusion and Plasma-Heating - Report on the 17th European Conference Held at Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 25-29 June 1990, Nuclear Fusion 131 (1991) 185-198.