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C.M Roach, M. Walters, R.V Budny, F. Imbeaux, T.W Fredian, M. Greenwald, J.A Stillerman, D.A Alexander, J. Carlsson, J.R Cary et al.The 2008 Public Release of the International Multi-tokamak Confinement Profile Database, Nucl. Fusion 1248 (2008) 19.
R. Dux, C. Giroud, R. Neu, A.G. Peeters, J. Stober, K.D Zastrow, CEFDA-JETW ProgrammeAccumulation of impurities in advanced scenarios, Journal of Nuclear Materials 313 (2003) 1150-1155.
S.S Denk, R. Fischer, H.M Smith, P. Helander, O. Maj, E. Poli, J. Stober, U. Stroth, W. Suttrop, E. Westerhof et al.Analysis of electron cyclotron emission with extended electron cyclotron forward modeling, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 60 (2018) 105010.
S da Graça, G.D Conway, P. Lauber, D. Curran, V. Igochine, I.G.J. Classen, M. García-Muñoz, J. Stober, M.A VanZeeland, M.E MansoCharacterization of Alfvén eigenmodes using NBI during current ramp-up in the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 954 (2012) 095014.
G. Saibene, P.J Lomas, R. Sartori, A. Loarte, J. Stober, Y. Andrew, S.A Arshad, G.D Conway, E. de la Luna, K. Gunther et al.Characterization of small ELM experiments in highly shaped single null and quasi-double-null plasmas in JET, Nuclear Fusion 545 (2005) 297-317.
J. Rasmussen, S.K Nielsen, M. Stejner, J. Galdon-Quiroga, M. García-Muñoz, B. Geiger, A.S Jacobsen, F. Jaulmes, S.B Korsholm, N. Lazanyi et al.Collective Thomson scattering measurements of fast-ion transport due to sawtooth crashes in ASDEX Upgrade, Nucl. Fusion 56 (2016) 112014.
T.C Luce, C.D Challis, S. Ide, E. Joffrin, Y. Kamada, P.A Polizer, J. Schweinzer, A.C.C. Sips, J. Stober, G. Giruzzi et al.Development of advanced inductive scenarios for ITER, Nucl. Fusion 54 (2014) 013015.
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W. Kasparek, B. Plaum, C. Lechte, Z. Wu, H. Wang, M. Maraschek, J. Stober, H. van den Brand, W. Bongers, D. Wagner et al.Development of Resonant Diplexers for high-power ECRH – Status, Applications, Plans, EPJ Web Conf. 87 (2015) 04010.
G. Saibene, T. Hatae, D.J Campbell, J.G Cordey, E. de la Luna, C. Giroud, K. Guenther, Y. Kamada, M.AH Kempenaars, A. Loarte et al.Dimensionless pedestal identity experiments in JT-60U and JET in ELMy H-mode plasmas, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 46 (2004) A195-A205.
R. Sartori, G. Saibene, M. Becoulet, P.J Lomas, A. Loarte, D.J Campbell, Y. Andrew, R. Budny, M.NA Beurskens, A. Kallenbach et al.Edge operational space for high density/high confinement ELMY H-modes in JET, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 944 (2002) 1801-1813.
W. Suttrop, J. Ongena, M. Becoulet, J.G Cordey, P. Dumortier, G.TA Huysmans, P.T Lang, A. Loarte, P.J Lomas, G. Saibene et al.High density, high performance high-confinement-mode plasmas in the Joint European Torus (JET), Physics of Plasmas 59 (2002) 2103-2112.
G. Saibene, N. Oyama, J. Lonnroth, Y. Andrew, E. de la Luna, C. Giroud, G.TA Huysmans, Y. Kamada, M.AH Kempenaars, A. Loarte et al.The H-mode pedestal, ELMs and TF ripple effects in JT-60U/JET dimensionless identity experiments, Nuclear Fusion 847 (2007) 969-983.
G. Saibene, R. Sartori, A. Loarte, D.J Campbell, P.J Lomas, V. Parail, K.D Zastrow, Y. Andrew, S. Sharapov, A. Korotkov et al.Improved performance of ELMy H-modes at high density by plasma shaping in JET, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 944 (2002) 1769-1799.
P. Monier-Garbet, P. Andrew, P. Belo, G. Bonheure, Y. Corre, K. Crombe, P. Dumortier, T. Eich, R. Felton, J. Harling et al.Impurity-seeded ELMy H-modes in JET, with high density and reduced heat load, Nuclear Fusion 1145 (2005) 1404-1410.
H. van den Brand, W.A Bongers, J. Stober, W. Kasparek, D. Wagner, N.J Doelman, M.A Klop, L. Giannone, M. Reich, E. Westerhof et al.Inline ECE measurements for NTM control on ASDEX Upgrade, Nucl. Fusion 59 (2019) 016013.
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W.A Bongers, A.PH Goede, E. Westerhof, J.W Oosterbeek, N.J Doelman, F.C Schüller, MR de Baar, W. Kasparek, W. Wubie, D. Wagner et al.Magnetic island localization for NTM control by ECE viewed along the same optical path of the ECCD beam, Fusion Sci. Technol. 255 (2009) 188-203.
S.K. Nielsen, M. Stejner, J. Rasmussen, A.S Jacobsen, S.B Korsholm, F. Leipold, M. Maraschek, F. Meo, P.K Michelsen, D. Moseev et al.Measurements of the fast-ion distribution function at ASDEX upgrade by collective Thomson scattering (CTS) using active and passive views, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 357 (2015) 035009.
S. Saarelma, V. Parail, Y. Andrew, E. de la Luna, A. Kallenbach, M. Kempenaars, A. Korotkov, A. Loarte, J. Lonnroth, P. Monier-Garbet et al.MHD stability analysis of diagnostic optimized configuration shots in JET, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 547 (2005) 713-731.