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Book Chapter
R. Keppens, Z. MelianiExtragalactic jets with helical magnetic fields, Protostellar Jets in Context Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings, 2009 (2009) 555-557.
J. Röpcke, P.B Davies, J.H van Helden, M. Hübner, N. Lang, S. WelzelFundamental and Applied Studies of Molecular Plasmas Using Infrared Absorption Techniques, Complex Plasmas, Springer Series on Atomic, Optical, and Plasma Physics 82 (2014) 235-266.
R. Keppens, et al, G. Toth, P.M.A. SlootOpenMP parallelism for multi-dimensional grid-adaptive magnetohydrodynamic simulations,, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2329, Proceedings ICCS 2002,  (2002) 940-949.
G. Kooijman, et al, R. de Bruijn, K. Koshelev, F. BijkerkPrepulse enhanced EUV yield from a xenon gas-jet laser produced plasma, Central Laser Facility, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Annual Report 2001-2002  (2002) 
Z. Meliani, R. KeppensRelativistic two-component hydrodynamic jets, Protostellar Jets in Context Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings, 2009 (2009) 581-583.
R. Keppens, M. Nool, J.P GoedbloedZooming in on 3D magnetized plasmas with grid-adaptive simulations, Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics - Practice and Theory  (2002) 215-222.
Journal Article
RC Wolf, MR de Baar, et al, C. GiroudCharacterization of ion heat conduction in JET and ASDEX Upgrade plasmas with and without internal transport barriers, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 945 (2003) 1757-1778.
J.W Oosterbeek, et al, E. Westerhof, W.A Bongers, I.G.J. Classen, I. Danilov, R. Heidinger, J.A Hoekzema, B.A. Hennen, MF Graswinckel et al.Design of a feedback system to stabilise instabilities by ECRH using a combined ECW launcher and ECE receiver, Fusion Engineering and Design 82 (2007) 1117-1123.
R. Heidinger, et al, I. Danilov, A. Meier, B. Piosczyk, P. Späh, M. Thumm, W. Bongers, M. Graswinckel, M. Henderson et al.Development of high power window prototypes for ECH&CD launchers, Fusion Engineering and Design 82 (2007) 693-699.
R. Jaspers, et alDiagnostics for radial electric field measurements in hot magnetized plasmas, Czechoslovak Journal of Physics 1052 (2002) 1077-1096.
B. de Groot, R.S. Al, et al, R. Engeln, W.J Goedheer, O.G Kruijt, H.J.v.d. Meiden, P.R Prins, D.C. Schram, P.HM Smeets et al.Extreme hydrogen plasma fluxes at Pilot-PSI enter the ITER divertor regime, Fusion Engineering and Design 82 (2007) 1861-1865.
G.P Maddison, M. von Hellermann, et al, L.C IngessonImpurity-seeded plasma experiments on JET, Nuclear Fusion 143 (2003) 49-62.
A.C.C. Sips, et al, G.M.D. HogeweijAn international database for the study of the formation of ITBs in tokamaks, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 44 (2002) A391-A398.
D Moreau, M. von Hellermann, et alJET carbon screening experiments using methane gas puffing and its relation to intrinsic carbon impurities, Nuclear Fusion 943 (2003) 922-941.
amongthem Lloyd, E.R Arends, et alOverview of recent experimental results on MAST, Nuclear Fusion 1243 (2003) 1665-1673.
J. Mailloux, MR de Baar, et al, P.C de Vries, G.MD HogeweijProgress in intrnal transport barrier plasmas with lower hybrid current drive and heating in JET (Joint European Torus), Phys. of Plasmas 59 (2002) 2156-2164.
X. Litaudon, MR de Baar, et al, P. de Vries, G.MD HogeweijProgress towards steady-state operation and real-time control of internal transport barriers in JET, Nuclear Fusion 743 (2003) 565-572.
D Moreau, et al, P. de VriesReal-time control of the q-profile in JET for steady state advanced tokamak operation, Nuclear Fusion 943 (2003) 870-882.
H. Park, et al, A.JH Donne, M.J. van de PolRecent advancements in microwave imaging plasma diagnostics, Review of Scientific Instruments 1074 (2003) 4239-4262.
MFF Nave, M. von Hellermann, et al, P.J. de VriesRole of sawtooth in avoiding impurity accumulation and maintaining good confinement in JET radiative mantle discharges, Nuclear Fusion 1043 (2003) 1204-1213.