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A.JR van den Boogaard, E. Zoethout, I.A Makhotkin, E. Louis, F. BijkerkInfluence of noble gas ion polishing species on extreme ultraviolet mirrors, J. Appl. Phys. 12112 (2012) 123502.
I. Makhotkin, E. Zoethout, E. Louis, A.M Yakunin, S. Muellender, F. BijkerkWavelength selection for multilayer coatings for lithography generation beyond extreme ultraviolet, J. Micro-Nanolithogr. MEMS MOEMS 411 (2012) 040501.
E. LouisPhysics and technology development of multilayer EUV reflective optics, PhD (2012) 
R.A Loch, R. Sobierajski, E. Louis, J. Bosgra, F. BijkerkModelling single shot damage thresholds of multilayer optics for high-intensity short-wavelength radiation sources, Opt. Express 2720 (2012) 28200–28215.
A.JR van den Boogaard, F.A van Goor, E. Louis, F. BijkerkWavelength separation from extreme ultraviolet mirrors using phaseshift reflection, Opt. Lett. 237 (2012) 160-162.
F. Liu, C.J Lee, J.Q Chen, E. Louis, P.JM van der Slot, K.J Boller, F. BijkerkEllipsometry with randomly varying polarization states, Opt. Express 20 (2012) 870-878.
I.A Makhotkin, E. Zoethout, E. Louis, A.M Yakunin, S. Mullender, F. BijkerkSpectral properties of La/B - based multilayer mirrors near the boron K absorption edge, Opt. Express 20 (2012) 11778-11786.
R. Sobierajski, S. Bruijn, A.R Khorsand, E. Louis, R de Kruijs, T. Burian, J. Chalupsky, J. Cihelka, A. Gleeson, J. Grzonka et al.Damage mechanisms of MoN/SiN multilayer optics for next-generation pulsed XUV light sources, Opt. Express 119 (2011) 193-205.
A. Rouzee, P. Johnsson, E.V Gryzlova, H. Fukuzawa, A. Yamada, W. Siu, Y. Huismans, E. Louis, F. Bijkerk, D.MP Holland et al.Angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of sequential three-photon triple ionization of neon at 90.5 eV photon energy, Phys. Rev. A 83 (2011) 031401.
I.A Makhotkin, E. Louis, R.WE van de Kruijs, A.E Yakshin, E. Zoethout, A.Y Seregin, E.Y Tereschenko, S.N Yakunin, F. BijkerkDetermination of the density of ultrathin La films in La/B(4)C layered structures using X-ray standing waves, Phys. Status Solidi A-Appl. Mat. 11208 (2011) 2597-2600.
E. Louis, A.E Yakshin, T. Tsarfati, F. BijkerkNanometer interface and materials control for multilayer EUV-optical applications, Prog. Surf. Sci. 86 (2011) 255-294.
J.Q Chen, E. Louis, R. Harmsen, T. Tsarfati, H. Wormeester, M. van Kampen, W. van Schaik, R. van de Kruijs, F. BijkerkIn situ ellipsometry study of atomic hydrogen etching of extreme ultraviolet induced carbon layers, Appl. Surf. Sci. 258 (2011) 7-12.
J.Q Chen, E. Louis, H. Wormeester, R. Harmsen, R. van de Kruijs, C.J Lee, W. van Schaik, F. BijkerkCarbon-induced extreme ultraviolet reflectance loss characterized using visible-light ellipsometry, Meas. Sci. Technol. 22 (2011) 105705.